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Names of children inspired by technology Ware

Names of children inspired by technology

Technology is increasingly imprinting on more and more branches of our lives. Again, it manages to "decide" the names of future children. Two couples in Egypt and Israel named the children Facebook, respectively Like. We wonder what follows: Twitter, Google Share or Page?

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Pregnant AIDS sufferer Short

Pregnant AIDS sufferer

When you have AIDS and you are pregnant, there is a risk of transmission of HIV to the fetus, but there is also the chance to carry the pregnancy to the end without the baby in the womb being harmed at all. In other words, you can be pregnant with AIDS and you can give birth to a perfectly healthy baby. Here are the risks of transmission of the virus to the fetus and what precautionary measures should be taken!

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How is the baby's temperature taken? Short

How is the baby's temperature taken?

Measuring the body temperature of the baby is not always done correctly by the parents. Whether they are not using a proper thermometer or not letting it sit high or failing to read it properly, parents are often prevented and do not realize when the baby has a fever or whether or not it is the correct value.

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Children's Academy, January 13 - 26, 2013 Comments

Children's Academy, January 13 - 26, 2013

Children's Academy, January 13 - 26, 2013 Course Description SmartKidsLand invites children between the ages of 8 and 12 to attend the Children's Academy! Why the Children's Academy? Because, during the 4 modules, the children participate in games and fun activities, having the opportunity to capitalize on the skills appropriate to each situation and to discover new things that will help them in their future development.

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Fruit allergy in children Short

Fruit allergy in children

Fruit allergy is part of the food allergy category. It is not a widespread type of allergy among children and is most often hereditary. Therefore, if one of the parents is allergic to a certain fruit, there is a good chance that the little one will have an allergy. Children who have a fruit allergy can enjoy the taste of some of them if they have a balanced lifestyle and make smart choices.

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7 things you should NOT tell your child Information

7 things you should NOT tell your child

When you want to do two things at once - such as cooking and deciphering some acts from the office, you can easily lose your patience if the little one asks you in five minutes for something to talk about or address you all the way. of innocent questions, about the culinary preferences of the squirrels, the color of the clouds or the shape of the flowers.

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