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Waxed heart

Waxed heart

I have read about this craft so many times, that the original source is no longer remembered. I just remember that Adela also did a similar activity recently, prompting me to try something special for Valentine's Day.

All you need is a metal or silicone tray, the broken and forgotten remnants of the crayons you have in the house and an oven, of course. We used the oven from the stove (gagaz, as S says).

Place the pencils in the shape. Initially I wanted to choose only shades of red, pink and orange; S. slipped between them and other colors, and I noticed that the most spectacular part was the colored one. If we repeat the experiment, we will certainly use several different colors.

I explained to S. that things are melting hot and hardening cold (I do not know where he had the opposite idea until now), I noticed together that the colors were liquefied, then they had a soft consistency, and in the end, when they were well fortified, they got out of shape very easily (now S. keeps them together).

He was very pleased with the result, and so was his paternal grandmother, who is visiting us, and who did not think something would come out of our experiment. Well, I hope I convinced her!

If I were to try again, I wouldn't put the tray in the oven, but I would melt the wax on the stove in a hot water bath. It may take longer, but the wax crayons leave a specific smell that can affect the oven, and I don't know how healthy the vapors are emitted. This is the method I recommend, more than I did.

A colorful and cheerful day that this heart wishes you!

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