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Creative Arts gives children free to fly at the Balkanik Festival

Creative Arts gives children free to fly at the Balkanik Festival

Creative Arts is waiting for the children at the first Urban Balcony in Bucharest, organized during the Balkanik Festival, from September 12 to 14.

The children have always been the most joyful guests of the balci, from where they always left with a smile until their ears, sweetened with envy and twirling sawdust.

Because we want to offer the children of today the opportunity to have fond memories from the balconies, we invite everyone to La Harjoneala, a space specially arranged for them in the Urban Balcony at the Balkanik Festival. Here they will have part of the turmoil and joy, games and workshops, some of which, some Balkan, others urban.

Older children will learn to carve peasant rugs, wrap bottles in twine, make collages from seeds and jewelry from beads, discover the magic of the potter's wheel and glassware, but will also become acquainted with the urban art of colorful spray paintings. .

Admission to the Balkanik Festival is free for children up to 7 years old, so we expect everyone in La Harjoneala, even the very young ones. For them we have a sandbox, where you can play with shovels and biscuits brought from home.

We have no age limit and no time intervals for the braided tailings workshop and body painting sessions, to which all visitors to the Urban Balcony are invited.

Note, however, the program of workshops for children, valid for all three days of the festival, from September 12 to September 14 and contributions for artists:

12: 00-13: 30 / Collages with seeds - 10 lei / participant

14: 00-15: 30 / String bottles - 10 lei / participant

16: 00-17: 30 / Peasant rugs - 10 lei / participant

18: 00-19: 30 / Beading workshop - 10 lei / participant

Balkanik Festival is one of the most beloved festivals in Bucharest and takes place at Uranus Garden (Uranus 144 Street) between September 12 and 14.

Now in its fourth year, Balkanik Festival promises the most explosive fusion of music in the Balkans, with electro-acoustic music, reggae, jazz and hip-hop.

Concerts are added to the Urban Balcony, open between 12:00 - 23:00, with a fair of traditional Romanian and Balkan food, a fair of handmade objects and the Tea & Coffee relaxation area.

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