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Mommy is pregnant. It helps the child get involved

Mommy is pregnant. It helps the child get involved

From the moment you find out you are pregnant again, it is advisable to think about how you give the child the news, but to consider some ideas to share it with this wonderful experience of family life. Approach him with his brother since pregnancy and prepare him for his coming to the world by involving him in all kinds of specific activities, depending on his age and his ability to understand!

Involvement of the child of 1-2 years in pregnancy

At the age of 1-2 years, the child is too young to understand the changes that are happening in your body and the changes in pregnancy. But it is not too early to talk about how he appeared in the world, to read thematic stories and show pictures of him since he was a baby, to hint at what will happen in your family in less than 9 years. months.

In this way, you prepare the ground for later, when you have enough vocabulary developed to ask the questions that interest you to better understand the phenomenon of birth.

Involvement of the child of 2-4 years in pregnancy

Between 2 and 4 years, the baby is old enough to understand better what is happening to your body, from the first moment you see that your tummy starts to grow. At this age, the enthusiasm of having a sibling is overshadowed by the fears and feelings of jealousy that try it on the fact that a new child could take his place in the family's bosom, that he might steal your love, etc.

To give him the sense of security he needs and to help him understand that your love for him will remain the same, it is advisable to involve him in as many pregnancy-related activities.

Take him with you to the doctor, go to baby shops together, let him choose things for his brother, allow him to feel the baby's bumps in the belly, consult with him when choosing the name or furniture for the room, etc. In this way, you help him get closer and strengthen some relationship with the brother before he is born.

Involvement of the child of 4-6 years in pregnancy

At preschool age, the child is able to partially understand what is happening in your body during pregnancy. It has a lot of questions about how children are made, where they come from, where they are born, some more embarrassing than others, for which it is advisable to have the answers ready.

Do not lie to him, but be careful that the answers are formulated with terms on his meaning and as short as he does not have much patience to listen to you. Take it with you to the doctor, to the most important medical visits - when you do an ultrasound, when you first hear their heartbeat, etc. - to get closer to his brother's future. Then, arouse his curiosity by asking him frequently what clothes he would like his brother to wear, what toys he keeps and how he sees life after the baby is born.

Pay attention to everything he says and instill his worries, fears, to help him understand and overcome them successfully. Only by involving the child in pregnancy, presenting the idea of ​​a brother in a favorable light and communicating openly with him will you prepare him easier for the moment when your family will grow up again.

How did you involve your child in the following tasks? And how did you strengthen the relationship between you and the other brothers? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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