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22 aspects in which breastfeeding and feeding with the bottle are identical

22 aspects in which breastfeeding and feeding with the bottle are identical

Breastfeeding and feeding with the bottle give rise to a whole series of controversies among mothers and specialists, regarding the extent to which one variant is better than the other. While there are unique benefits to both sides, the two ways of feeding the baby are identical in many ways.

There are few new mothers who feel very guilty because they cannot breastfeed their baby, although they would like to provide the baby with breast milk rich in nutrients important for optimal immunity and development. Other mothers simply choose the bottle variant because of its multiple advantages: the baby can be fed anywhere and anyone, meal scheduling is easier and there is no need for the mother to carefully monitor her nutrition.

Whether you choose breastfeeding, feeding with a bottle or a combination of the two, the most important thing is for the baby to receive the nutrients it needs, to be loved and protected. Here are some important similarities between breast feeding and breast feeding!

1. It is just as difficult to wake up at night to feed your baby. Whether you breastfeed or prepare the formula, you are always half asleep and dream of the period when you will be able to sleep again without interruption until the dawn of the day.

2. You have great emotions in the pediatrician's office when the doctor is weighing your baby and you hope he has gained weight. This suspense is valid for all mothers, regardless of whether or not they breastfeed.

3. It hurts to see the wasted milk. You know how valuable it is and you can't stand to be shed or used.

4. You are constantly concerned about the digestion of your child and carefully examine the contents of the diaper. As soon as you notice a noticeable change in the color or consistency of the digestive product, you start to worry about the quality of the milk, whether it's yours or the one you buy.

5. You are constantly improving the technique of cleaning milk that leaks from the mouth of your baby. Nobody makes him disappear any faster than you.

6. You always end up arguing with at least one person about how you feed your baby, when you do it and with what. There will always be supporters and opponents of breastfeeding and bottle feeding: at some point, someone will not agree with how you proceed.

7. You have times when you wonder if you are somehow feeding your baby wrong or you think other moms have found the best option, besides you. You process your conscience and you think your baby is crying a lot because you are not a good enough mother. Give up your guilt!

8. At first, you feel that you are the most unfit mother and that feeding a baby is far from easy. As you go along, things don't get simpler, but you start to get better and better.

9. Apply for the relief provided by a vice to withstand the first months almost constant feeding of your baby, be it coffee, ice cream or chocolate. Find a personal remedy that helps you to balance yourself psychically and to resist.

10. You often pray that your baby will fall asleep while you feed him. Lightly fold it and close your eyes yourself, hoping you will get bored enough to follow suit. Sometimes, you almost fall asleep before him.

11. You talk to yourself, as if your baby would hear your thoughts. Ask him, in your mind, with suggestions of the type: "eat everything", "swallow chicks" or "please, fall asleep!".

12. As soon as you sit in a comfortable position to feed your child, someone sure wants something from you: ring the phone or ring, the older child calls you in the kitchen or your husband wants to unlock the door.

13. Your baby makes the same gestures when you feed him: he stretches his sleeves to grab your glasses from his eyes or he catches your chain around his neck and doesn't let go. You leave him, hoping that he will eat quietly and fall asleep immediately after the meal.

14. Regardless of the milk you offer, your baby will be more interested in the drink in your glass. More than that, he will insist every time to put his handle inside the glass.

15. You will always wonder if he has eaten enough, whether you are breastfeeding him or preparing fixed amounts of formula as recommended by your pediatrician.

16. You are so obsessed that your baby is always the village, that you forget you need food. You content yourself with cold snacks, savored on the run and you never know how to answer in detail the question "what did you eat today?".

17. When you feed your baby in social circumstances, it seems like everyone is watching and judging you. If you breastfeed, you fear that your gesture will be annoying to the viewers, and if you feed them the formula, you are convinced that someone will criticize you for not feeding your baby breast.

18. As soon as your baby stops crying after you start feeding him, you begin to need urgently: to go to the toilet, to take a pot from the fire, etc.

19. You suffer badly when you have to go back to work and let someone else feed your baby. This was your moment and it hurts that you have to let your grandmother or grandmother take your place.

20. Your mother-in-law will always have a fixed opinion about how you should feed your baby. Often, this opinion does not coincide with yours. At the end, you will inevitably hear the reproachful phrase "I did not raise my children!".

21. You are always afraid that your baby will refuse to eat when someone else is feeding him and you will give many calls to your replacement to make sure your baby does not suffer from hunger.

22. You love the facial expression of your baby, his eyebrows sunk in cheeks, while you feed him. You are just waiting for him to catch you with his little palm and squeeze you tight, a sign that he feels safe because of you. The most beautiful part of the day are those quiet minutes, when you and your baby relax completely: he eats happily, and you relax and breathe easy as everything is perfect.

What do you think there is between breastfeeding and bottle feeding? Which of the two options do you think is best and why? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

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