Myths about the sex of the child

Myths about the sex of the child

Finding out the baby's sex is one of the most emotional moments of pregnancy. But this can be found with the help of ultrasound only a few months after pregnancy. If you no longer have patience or do not want to find out about the sex of the baby, you could resort to popular beliefs or superstitions. Find out that some of them may be misleading. Do not put all your hopes in myths that frequently roam around finding out the sex of the baby!

Morning woes

It is said that morning sickness is an important indication of early childhood sex. If they are intense, it is considered that you will have a baby girl, and if they are super-superficial and temporary, it is a boy's sign. But they have never been proven, which is why they are considered myths.

Belly shape

There is a popular belief that if your tummy is low then you will have a boy, and if it is high you will give birth to a baby girl. It seems that this is due to the fact that boys are eager to come to the world faster than girls.

Heart rate

Even if your heart is beating a little harder since you found out that you are pregnant and your belly is the most loved person in the world for you, it seems that pulse monitoring would have something to do with the sex of the baby. It doesn't seem to have the pulse linked to his sex, but the voices in the people claim that if you have a heart rate of less than 140 beats / minute, that means you will have a daughter, while a pulse faster than this value will empty a boy.

Skin of the hands

One of the weirdest myths about the sex of the baby is related to the texture of the skin of the hands. Believe it or not, it seems that if you have dry hands in pregnancy, you give birth to a boy, and if they are soft and fine, it means you are expecting a girl.

Cravings for pregnancy

Sweet or salty? What are you most looking forward to? Because the sweets seem to indicate a little girl, while the cravings give away a boy. You cannot trust this superstition, but you can live in hope, at least until the end of 9 months. Who knows? Maybe you're the exception that confirms the rule!

The movements of the fetus

Fetal movements seem to be another indicator of the sex of the baby. In the people it is said that the boys are more active in the threads and that they get more attention in the belly, while the girls are a little lazy and seem to like to sleep longer or to relax.

The appearance of the skin

There is a bizarre idea based on which the appearance of acne during pregnancy indicates that you will give birth to a girl and her absence, a boy. Experts argue that this theory is not based on any scientific basis and that the appearance of acne or other skin problems is caused by hormonal changes that occur during this period in the body.

Girl's shape

There are some pregnancies that do not put much weight on the rest of the body, but seem to be fuller in the face. According to the myths, those who get fat in this area in pregnancy, have a little girl in the belly, while the pregnant women who do not seem to be fulfilled in the face, wear a boy in the womb.

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