Homeopathy, an efficient ally of all

Homeopathy, an efficient ally of all

What does the word "homeopathy" mean?

"Homeopathy" is composed of two Greek words: homoios ("like") and pathos ("disease"). Substances that would cause certain symptoms to the healthy man, can cure, in infinitesimal doses, diseases whose symptoms are similar. It acts by stimulating the natural mechanisms of the body.

What is a homeopathic medicine?

It is a medicine prepared by a special technique starting from a basic substance, whose origin is vegetable, animal, mineral or chemical. There are more than 3000 basic substances called strains from which they start in the manufacture of the homeopathic medicine, strains that are controlled very rigorously (antipollution, antiradiation, etc.).

How is homeopathic medicine presented?

Most often, they come in the form of tubes with granules or dose tubes, but they can also exist in the form of drops, tablets, ointments ...

What does CH mean?

CH is the abbreviation of Centesimala Hahnemanniana and indicates that the drug was prepared following a successive dilution procedure, invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The number preceding the CH indicates the number of dilutions to which the respective substance was subjected. It is fundamental to the patient's compliance with the dilution number prescribed by the homeopathic doctor.

What is the field of action of homeopathy?

The field of action of homeopathy is vast and covers most of the current pathologies: influenza, repetitive ENT disorders, digestive disorders, stress, insomnia, etc.

There are, however, a number of diseases that homeopathy does not cure: it is serious evolutionary diseases (cancer, leukemias, sexually transmitted diseases ...) and those diseases that require surgery.

Who is the homeopathic doctor?

The homeopathic doctor is the one who has completed his professional training studying techniques for prescribing homeopathic medicines. He can choose the treatment (allopathic and / or homeopathic) best suited to the patient's case.

What are the contraindications and adverse effects of homeopathic medicines?

There are no known contraindications and adverse effects.

Are homeopathic and allopathic treatments compatible?

There are no contraindications regarding the simultaneous taking of allopathic and homeopathic drugs. For any eventuality they can be taken alternatively.

When and how is homeopathic medicine taken?

Follow the doctor's instructions. In principle, they are administered at a table distance. The granules and globules are taken sublingually or dissolved in a little water, in the case of infants, and the tablets are sucked.

Which age groups can homeopathic medicines be administered?

All age categories, from infants to older people, as well as pregnant women or during breastfeeding.