Designers for Kids creates the first in-house collection - Iepuras Dragalas by DFK

Designers for Kids creates the first in-house collection - Iepuras Dragalas by DFK

1, 2, 3 ... the rabbit hunt began, through the children's wardrobe. The first collection signed by the team "in house" of the house Designers for Kids aims to play with prints with rabbits, not by chance, but just before Holy Holidays. The collection is dedicated to girls and boys together.

Little girls can choose to wear on holidays but not only, pants, blouse with "rabbit ears" collar, t-shirts on the back of which is hidden a rabbit that lets you see only the tail, or dresses with printed bottoms, among the folds that run other ears.

The boys' collection is a premiere for Designers for Kids and features "cool" pants with waistcoats in various colors and prints, t-shirts with applied pockets or cool summer tunics, beautifully matched with pants.

The clothes are colored in orange "carrot", green "spring", pink "apple blossoms", white "innocence", blue "lavender", denim blue and yellow "solar", among which are the rabbits.

Rabbits Dragalas by DFK creations can be purchased from the online store, and the community of parents interested in clothes for children between 3 and 12 years old is on //

Designers for Kids, launched in March 2013, is a unique project on the Romanian fashion market, which aims to promote and create a universe of Romanian children's design. This universe is created in collaboration with renowned designers but also with young talents, invited to sign thematic collections.

George Neagu, Rhea Costa, Andreea Raicu, Malvensky, Parlor, Carla Szabo and Mihaela Glavan are Romanian designers who have so far responded to the invitation to expand their creative universe in the world of the little ones.

The concept also has a social side, the campaign "wears a child", through which some of the sales are directed towards the disadvantaged children.