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Children's music show: Nica and his Stories, adapted by Ion Creanga

Children's music show: Nica and his Stories, adapted by Ion Creanga

Children's music show: Nica and his Stories, adapted by Ion Creanga

Momo's world invites you to the Peasant's Club - children and parents together - to discover the fascinating world of "Childhood Memories" by Ion Creanga, said in the meaning of all children.
"Nica and his Stories" is a new children's theater show, designed and created by MOMO's World, an adaptation adapted by Ion Creanga. The direction and adaptation of the text belong to Antoaneta Zaharia, and the distribution is signed by Ioana Flora and Antoaneta Zaharia. "Nothing and its stories" reinvent the stories of childhood of a past generation, in the manner of childhood of today's generation.

The authenticity of Nica's childhood, his universe full of miracles, plays, wives, joy, all bathed in light and wonder, allow the continuous updating of this character and the transmission of his stories to today's child, the child everywhere. Because, it is not so, childhood is a enchanting land, in which we live fully and understand the mysteries of life more easily, regardless of the historical time we are in.
Children and parents, let's go with Nica from Humulesti to recreate the fateful events in the village heated by Ozana "the beautiful running". Let's steal the lemongrass and hide it in the bridge, then sell it at the fair and, from the mouth of the grandfather, quickly run home! Let's go and steal the cherries and ground all the green and fresh hemp of Aunt Marioara! Let's go to the bathroom on the day when the mother had so much work, then go back naked to run away on the village paths and, later, after we had barked at Tasnea's dogs, ask the mother for forgiveness and some food ... Let's go to Brosteni at Irinucai house and, by mistake, we should take it all with a stone detached from the hill and run away from home, at grandmother's, to cure us of goat root! And then to the mother, in her forgiving arms, to shave the sun to make the weather straight! What can be more beautiful than my childhood and yours, say who says it!

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Sunday, March 16, from 10:30 am
Children's music show: Nica and his Stories, adapted by Ion Creanga

Entry ticket: 20 lei / person (child or adult), details on tel: 0723.565.113. The tickets were on sale at, at and in the sales network tickets we can find from the Libraries of Carturesti and Humanitas, the Germanos, Orange, Vodafone and Domo stores and from the MOMO World ticket office. , Str. Grigore Cobalcescu no. 51, sector 1, Bucharest. Tickets can also be purchased before the show, only within the limits of the remaining seats.
Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the show at the Peasant Club, within the limits of the remaining seats.

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