Give your little one even more care with the new Milupa packages

Give your little one even more care with the new Milupa packages

Milupa is with you at every step of the mom experience, so that your little one can enjoy everything that is healthier, more nourishing and tastier. For extra care for you and your baby, Milupa products are now available in a new, friendly and cheerful packaging, which will help you easily identify your favorite assortments.
You will recognize on Milumil Milk Milk Packages and Milupa Cereals the two hearts, the symbol of the indestructible bond between mother and child and the guarantee of high quality standards, so that the baby of the family can enjoy a balanced nutrition for healthy growth.

In addition, on each Milupa box you will find a special colored border that marks the growth stage for which it is recommended - so you will be sure that you always choose the right product for your child.
Milupa milk formulas contain all the nutrients for the smooth growth of the baby. Iron, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are present in milk formulas in optimal quantities for each stage of growth and development.

Milupa cereals are easy to prepare and have a texture adapted to each stage of development - thus being gentle with the little one's digestive system, incomplete developed in the first years of life.
Milupa is waiting for you with useful information and recommendations for the healthy growth of your baby in Milupa Club.

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