Surprising reasons why the baby cries

Surprising reasons why the baby cries

It is very possible that although the baby is nourished, freshly changed and has everything you think he needs, and yet is crying, apparently for no reason. However, you must know that the baby never cries without a well-reasoned motive, so pay close attention to things that may disturb him.

Here are some of them:

He's dressed too thick

Many parents tend to dress their baby very thick when the temperature drops by only a few degrees.

It is true that many are afraid that their puppy will somehow cool down, but too many layers of clothing will only cause the baby to sweat, choke and discomfort.

What to do: Dress the baby as you dressed - if you have a shirt, jacket and pair of pants, make sure your baby is dressed to the same extent, possibly with a cap / hat on head.

It is affected by parents' quarrels

Even if the two parents do not argue for serious reasons, the baby is affected by the high tone of the discussion, which makes her cry.

What to do: When you are upset and feel the need to talk, move the conversation to a separate room from the baby's and even try not to raise the tone too much.

He has a physical discomfort

It is very possible that the baby's shirt has a label that will scratch it or have it placed on the pacifier or some sharp toy, without being aware of it.

What to do: Make sure all toys are in place and not thrown in the crib, stroller or car seat.

Also, when you buy new baby clothes, touch the label, and if it is not soft, remove it permanently or sew around a piece of soft cotton.

Author: Ana-Maria Dragota

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