11 beach products and accessories for babies and toddlers

11 beach products and accessories for babies and toddlers

Beach products and accessories for babies and children are essential when you go to the pool or the sea on vacation. From a bathing suit, ball, collar, sand toys, flippers or towel, your baby's slipper or hat must be prepared to face the sun and water in the safest way!

1. Beach ball

Bestway - Little Fishes beach ball is inspired by the underwater world;

it is recommended for children over 3 years;

it is provided with a safety valve and is easily inflated / deflated;

it has an attractive appearance for children.

Price: 7 lei

2. Colacel in animal form

animal-shaped coats are the little ones' favorite when they swam in the water;

they are brightly colored and fun;

offers support and protection to children when in the water;

it is easy to swell;

it is provided with a safety valve.

Price: 10.32 lei

3. Dalmatian slippers

funny slippers for children;

they are brightly colored and with cartoon-inspired patterns;

they are comfortable and made of a soft and comfortable material.

Price: 8.34 lei

4. Towel with hood and toy

The special bath towel, designed for babies between 0 and 6 years old is very funny;

has attached a giraffe-shaped toy, plus;

The towel is made from soft cotton material and has the role of quickly drying the baby's skin and hair.

Price: 93.78 lei

5. Swimming fins

are specially designed for young children;

the Minnie and Daisy set is made of pre-stressed vinyl;

they are smooth and light;

they are provided with safety valves.

Price: 12 lei

6. Beach pants and raincoats

The panties are specially created for the summer vacation and the watering of small children;

they are perfect because they do not allow water and dirt to penetrate inside;

they do not swell in the water, they do not get heavy like the usual diapers or panties;

the set offers 10 pieces, because they are disposable.

Price: 51 lei

7. Swimsuit

the Nscessity Active Skins swim suit is the only children's swimsuit provided with a swim vest;

it is similar to a surf suit and is made of a special material that also provides sunscreen with protection factor 50;

it ensures the buoyancy of your little one, without the risk of suffocation as in the case of life jackets;

the life jacket is removable; when the child learns to swim, it can be detached, leaving only the swimming suit;

is suitable for any age between 0 and 5 years.

Price: 189 lei

8. Sunglasses for boys

they are created especially for the safety of the child in front of the sun's rays;

have a special design;

the frame and the band are adjustable, depending on the age of the child;

they are suitable for children between 3 and 5 years old;

have polarizing lenses that stop ultraviolet rays (offers UVA / UVB protection);

they are made of soft rubber for comfort.

Price: 65.9 Lei

9. Child protection device at the beach

this is an extremely useful device for finding essential information about the weather (temperature, UV level, atmospheric pressure, etc.);

it makes certain measurements and is able to forecast the weather in a range of 12 to 24 hours;

it can determine the optimal period of sunshine depending on the skin and even the sun protection factor you have to choose for the baby's skin;

it also has a timer that announces the completion of the measurement.

Price: 217 lei

10. Set of buckets and shapes for sand
sets of sand toys should not be torn between any child's beach accessories;
The set contains an average bucket, flower-shaped sieve, a shovel, a rake, a sprinkler and 4 sand forms.
Price: 13.75 lei

11. Sun hat with sun protection

they are brightly colored and attractive and have an essential role in the safety of the child - it protects it from the harmful rays of the sun;

the back provides insulation protection;

offers sun protection with protection factor 50.

Price: 47.62 lei

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