Top bad habits in children, explanations and solutions

Top bad habits in children, explanations and solutions

Young children are prone to having bad habits: they stick their finger in their nose, eat on the floor or forget to wipe their ass after using the toilet. These are common at preschool age, but they are not impossible to correct! Here are some successful strategies!

It digs into the nose

It's not nice to see how your little one "digs" in his nose with his fingers and takes out the mucus that he then puts in his mouth and pops it. Maybe his swallowing will not hurt the baby, but the nose definitely. If this gesture is performed very often then the nasal membranes (found in the nostrils of the child) are thinned and injured.

In this case they become a reliable source of infection. The best measure you can take is to distract her. You don't solve anything if you quarrel or punish him. How many times do you see him preparing to stick his finger in his nose, give him a toy or a job quickly to keep his hands busy.

Do not wipe at the bottom after using the toilet

At some point it will be time to allow the child to take care of the intimate hygiene after using the toilet. And you will find that sometimes it will not wipe properly at the bottom and dirty on the hands and feet of poop. Not only does it spread all over the body, but there is the risk of urinary tract infections in girls.

It is best to assist him in this process until you notice that he understands and manages to do the whole thing himself. Even when he seems to have learned, it is good to check him again. Even at 5-6 years of age the child may have such leaks, so do not be scared.

Squeeze or cough without putting a hand to the mouth

You have explained to her many times that when she coughs or sneezes she has to cover her mouth, but you talk to the walls. Unfortunately, it takes longer for them to add such rules to their behavior. That is why you have to explain to them several times why you should do this and remind them to put your hand to the mouth every time they forget.

It is important to be a role model for him. You must take care to apply these rules in your case too. Your little one will observe the behavior and will imitate you!

Always forget to wash your hands after going to the bathroom

Handwashing saves you from many diseases and conditions caused by infection with viruses and bacteria. Failure to follow the hygiene rules can cause hepatitis A, a disease that affects the liver. Watch it carefully every time you use the bathroom and if you see that you forget to use the sink, turn it off. Always guide him to do this, but in a gentle tone. Always tell her how important it is to wash your hands before meals or when using the bath.

He nails his nails

Besides the fact that it is a very ugly and unsightly habit, it is also dangerous. The little one gnaws their cuticles, they begin to bleed and become infected. Under the fingertips of children enter soil, sand and other types of dirt that can be swallowed as a result of this habit.

Thus, it is exposed to the risk of infection with parasites, viruses and extremely harmful bacteria. As in the case of pinching in the nose or sucking on the finger, it is good to distract them every time. Don't forget to tell her what dangers I care for her if she doesn't stop.

Eat from the floor

Putting food in the mouth causes many risks for the child: infections with parasites, salmonella or other living microorganisms that can give rise to serious diseases. It is important to impose yourself every time and tell NO when doing this!

Explain why you are not allowed to do this and what happens in this case. Use yourself in situations where you were sick and remember how you felt. You must impose with patience and perseverance this rule! It is a dangerous habit that must be cut from the root!

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