How do you soothe pain naturally?

How do you soothe pain naturally?

Pains are those that give us a good mood at the most inappropriate times. So, to get rid of it quickly, we immediately call for a drug to make it disappear. Give up medicines that can weaken your body and immune system and resort to natural pain-relieving methods! It's much healthier and with some extra benefits!


Acupuncture is based on pain relief by the controlled application of needles in certain parts of the body. It is a Chinese therapeutic method that has proven its benefits over time and can be successfully used as a treatment for pain, especially chronic pain.

The sport

The physical movement was included in the list of recommendations for patients who show pain. Specialists claim that most of the pain occurs due to muscle weakness and tension in the body. Physical exercises contribute to muscle tone and tension release, successfully relieving pain.

The music

It seems that music has an extremely powerful calming effect. Listening to various musical rhythms (from jazz to pop) while at least 1 hour a day can reduce pain by at least 12%.

Omega 3

Increased consumption of foods or supplements with essential fatty acids Omega 3 helps reduce various pains. Doctors found that women who took fish oil supplements (which contains these acids in full) had particularly good results in reducing cramps.

Experts argue that if you avoid processed foods, reduce your salt, sugar and fat intake and supplement your Omega 3 product intake, you have every chance to get rid of the uncomfortable pain.


Specialists claim that practicing Yoga is useful in reducing various types of pain, including migraines or osteoarthritis. The practice of prenatal yoga helps, among other things, to considerably alleviate the birth pains.


Teas are an extremely effective method to fight multiple types of pain:

  • against migraines you can try with tea mixed with pomegranate, mint and sage;
  • headaches can be resolved by bruising and mouse tail infusion;
  • stomach pains are relieved by the use of peppermint tea;
  • chamomile tea has an anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect and is also effective against bloating;
  • bloating, gases and pains caused by them are fought with ginger tea;
  • rheumatic pains are resolved with willow or celery decoction, etc.

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