How do you teach your child to be generous?

How do you teach your child to be generous?

Generosity is an abstract concept for young children, but an important lesson to be taught by parents in their education and development. The little ones can learn best what it means and how to be generous through the power of example. Here are some useful strategies by which you learn what it means to have a marine soul!

Be an example for him!

Be yourself a generous or generous person! Help the child to see this or to actively participate in charitable actions or other situations that show generosity. When you are shopping, show them that you do not have to buy everything just for your own person, but that it is nice and appropriate to think about the person next to you or those in need and to help them or to give them little pleasure. to answer the question "Do you think dad would like this dessert? Does your sister like chocolate so we can take them? Etc."

Teach him to give and share toys or other things!

When they are young, children are not willing to give their toys to others or to share food with others. It is important to talk to him and give him the idea that he must not give them everything, but that they are in the form of a loan. Ensure that he will receive them once again and that if he is willing to share with other children, he will also benefit. And he will be able to play with the toys that others have and can connect friends.

Also, talk to him about the needs of the less fortunate like him and teach him since he was little to give toys or clothes that he no longer uses to needy children, street people or children's centers or orphanages.

Get him involved in volunteering since he was very young!

If your child grows up in this philanthropic spirit ever since he was little and used to charitable acts, he will more easily develop this marine side and cultivate it when he is older, showing empathy and compassion towards his neighbor.

It is important to learn this quality from a very young age by taking it with you everywhere and putting it on himself to share food, things and other objects to the needy.

Praise him and encourage him how often the little boy gives or gives something!

Every time you surprise him that he is generous with another child or even an adult, share things with those around him and praise him and tell him how much you enjoy doing it. Such actions will usually come to them if they know that they are to your liking and that it is so appreciated for them.

Help him make friends and encourage group activities!

At preschool age children are very well anchored in what is meant by social life. They already understand how much friendship means and are familiar with group activities. This means that they may have already been generous when they borrow a toy or when they give up the playground of another child, but they are not aware that this means.

These play activities with other children open the way for them to be generous and generous with those around them, just because they do not. That is why it is important to always talk to the little boy about what it means to be a sailor, what helps you and what his role is.

Always disapprove of selfishness and show it!

Every time he behaves selfishly, tell him that you disapprove of this behavior and that what he does is not good. Say for example "I don't like that you always keep toys for yourself and you don't want to share with others. In our family things are divided. So, let your brother play with that little train. you will get it back when it's over. " When acting ruthlessly or selfishly, show it firmly and confidently, but do not resort to harsh punishments.

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