Health Portion, volume seven

Health Portion, volume seven

On Tuesday, March 22nd, the National Journal and Reader's Digest bring you the 7th volume from the "Health Portion" collection. A lively project! 12 volumes in which you have advice from doctors around the world, alternative therapies, handy remedies and healthy recipes! A collection about the most important investment in every human's life: health!

The seventh volume of the series describes hemorrhoids, herpes, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, with their causes and symptoms, proposing a prevention and treatment plan based on all the elements available to everyone: vitamins, minerals and food supplements, herbs and therapies. alternatives such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy, reflexotherapy, yoga, foods that help and those that are good to avoid.

Below are extensively presented reflexology and muscle relaxation, with everything we need to know about them: what they are, how they work, what they can treat and when to call in specialists. Learn about two important supplements, vitamin B12 - essential in cell replication - and zinc - crucial for hundreds of processes that take place in the body.

Also read about 5 of the recommended plants for one or more of the conditions present in this volume: wild chestnut, black currant, hamamelis, hawthorn and American elm.

We conclude, as we promised we will do in each volume, with 40 delicious recipes and easy to prepare from the recommended foods, which will prove that eating healthy does not mean depriving you of the pleasure of the tastes.

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