Health for your baby, from Active Center

Health for your baby, from Active Center

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, at 4 pm, at the Baby Expo - in the space for symposia, Weleda & Active Center launches the Campaign "Health For Your Baby & Active Baby - Step by Step".

The parents present will receive special gifts from the initiators of this campaign!

The steps and benefits of the campaign will be presented at this launch event and will be followed by organizing free meetings sponsored by Weleda and Active Center - every Tuesday, 11:00 am and Saturday 1:00 pm, at Active Center, where the mothers and the tactics with the babies will be able to participate optionally in the "Bebe Activ - Step by Step" meetings held by Vania Limban and the kineotherapists of the center.

Each baby will benefit from a massage session, gym, sound interaction, baby diet. The participation of mothers and fathers with babies is unlimited throughout the campaign.

Starting in April, the Saturday meetings within the "Health for Your Baby & Active Baby - Step by Step" Campaign will be held outdoors, on the grass of Herastrau Park!

We invite you to participate in the launch of this original campaign in order to provide your babies with a healthy lifestyle from the first days of life!

We are waiting for you as well as an original proposal for the slogan of this campaign, on the Facebook account of Active Center. The winner will receive a "Aqua Bebe" Subscription (10 sessions) at the Rin Grand Hotel Pool on Saturday! The slogan will accompany the campaign throughout its duration.