Child alone to parents, spoiled or selfish?

Child alone to parents, spoiled or selfish?

Having one child can seem very simple. But his care and education is a great challenge for parents, who have the responsibility to love him on their shoulders, but without turning him into a little spoiled one, to give him everything, but not so much as to become irresponsible or selfish and others. paradoxes of this kind. Growing up without a sibling can be a small handicap for the child. And then where is the balance in raising a single child to parents, but responsible, strong and happy?

Encourage him as a kid to make friends!

In the absence of a brother or sister, a good idea for the little boy not to live in isolation and to become a shy person is to enroll and involve him in various groups of children, from where he can make friends and develop social skills. so much needed for mature life.

Set clear boundaries and rules for him!

Discipline is crucial in the education and development of any child. When it comes to single children in parenting, rules and boundaries are all the more important. Such children tend to be more authoritative as well and try to impose their point of view, even to become a small dictator and to impose certain actions on you. That is why it is essential to set the rules of the game from the beginning: you are a parent, and he is a child, make sure that the roles remain! Explain to the child and make him understand that some of his behaviors will not be tolerated.

Teach him to be responsible!

Responsibility, as well as discipline, are two of the things you need to focus most on educating a single child with parents. Because they seem to be the ones with deficiencies in learning and acquiring them compared to the families where there are several brothers. Involve him in activities from which to learn to be responsible when he is very young: cleaning activities, small decisions related to shopping, purchases, clothing choices, etc.

Don't "punish" him by buying toys!

You often tend to criticize the child when making a nuisance or when it is nasty.

But on the other hand, when you see that he has a crisis of unstable hysteria, give in and calm him down quickly by buying him a toy or other object. This will only cause him to have even more anger attacks to achieve various things. All this pipe becomes at one time spoiled.

Do not overwhelm him with toys, gifts or other things!

Overcrowding with toys and giving excessively, without any motivation or significance is a trap where many parents fall. They want everything that is best for them, to offer them everything, without necessarily waiting for something in return. Teach him to "earn" his toys and clothes that he buys, to learn the value of money and never to believe that everything is right for your child.

Obviously, this does not mean that you always have to do something to receive a toy, but limit yourself to giving them gifts only on the occasion of the birthday or other special occasions.

Encourage him to be as independent as possible!

Most children who grew up alone as children have a reputation for being dependent on parents and not being able to detach from them even at maturity. It may seem simpler and more useful to help your child in everything he needs when he is young, and even to do his homework or to always keep up with him, but in this way you only become dependent on you.

Allow them to make mistakes from time to time and take responsibility for them (obviously, as long as they do not involve any real danger to them). Just like in the case of decisions, let him make decisions and even if you know that they are not the best, let him feel on his skin what is happening then explain to him how things are actually. You learn from mistakes!

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