Tricks to encourage your toddler to eat

Tricks to encourage your toddler to eat

Young children are small and pretentious children. But I don't do it intentionally. They are in the period when they try to discover their own personality and gain autonomy by applying them mainly in making noses sometimes at the food you give them. It's time to have some fun and organizing strategies at hand to overcome such noses!

Create a stable meal schedule!

  • routine is essential for children, so it is important to try to create and abide by their meal schedule;

  • In addition to 3 main meals, you can add 2 or 3 snacks between meals made from healthy foods: home-made dishes, fruits, whole grain biscuits, stickers, etc .;

  • give your child more water during the day than juices or other drinks that bring in calories that might cause him to stop eating enough at meals;

  • don't force the child to eat as much as you want; let him decide which portion is right for him; however it will stop when the village feels and you will not be able to force it, so better give it the satisfaction of deciding how much to eat and that I can make that decision.

Let him get involved in the preparation of the food!

It seems that involving young children in buying, preparing and choosing foods has a positive effect on their appetite and desire to experiment with more foods.

  • take it with you when you go to the hypermarket and make buying food a fun game; ask him to look for certain types of vegetables and see if he gets them, then congratulate him if he knows;

  • then, let her choose between two types of similar foods and tell her what she wants to eat (for example: Romanian green salad or Chinese created salad - they are basically the same variety, only the texture and the name differ, so it doesn't matter what you choose);

  • even if it is too small to involve in the cooking process, it does not mean that it cannot help you in the kitchen by giving you little things that you have on the table (a carrot, an onion, etc.); instead, you can talk to him about how to prepare food;

  • put it from time to time to choose the dinner menu (when you have 2 options); for example ask him what he prefers to cook: fish with carrots and peas or grilled chicken with vegetable salad; the child will feel good to see that he has the power of decision and with this occasion, you will also do something he likes to eat.

Smile preparations for happy children!

You must always make the food from the child's plate an attraction for him. Colors, shapes and textures are essential for the little one to get into them quickly to taste them.

  • therefore, always put your imagination to the contribution and always find ways to decorate and cut the food pieces in the most fun forms;

  • use cakes to "cut" the puree in the form of stars, angels or butterflies;

  • do not forget to make vegetable florets (carrot peas and green beans, etc.) and smiling girls;

  • you can also give food names to present to the child in a fun way;

  • make a game of letting him eat alone; he will not let you give him much, but he will try to take the teaspoons of the teaspoon; it does not make you disorderly, it is important to teach him to eat alone and to taste as many dishes as possible.

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