Do Babies Need Christmas Gifts?

Do Babies Need Christmas Gifts?

Many fresh parents choose not to make big Christmas wishes for baby gifts and home decorations.

They consider that the baby is too young to realize that he is receiving a gift or that the baby is decorated and prepared for the holidays. Is that so? Psychologists disagree and claim that they feel everything that is going on around them.

Christmas and holidays bring to the family a special atmosphere, that of being together and enjoying together the magic that emanates.

Babies, without knowing what it is and not being able to understand what these holidays consist of, perceive this joyful state of tranquility that is transmitted to them.

Children learn, observe and feel what is happening around them since birth!

Even though they cannot recognize and recognize certain reactions or cannot understand what is being said, newborns feel and constantly investigate everything that moves.

From one year, the child begins to observe and participate in what is happening around him, and at two years old he is very active and can express himself what he wants to bring Santa.

Christmas is a moment of peace, peace and harmony. A family moment when the cliches of smiles and joy are heard throughout. There is a very special mother-child attachment, a unique relationship by which the child takes over her states.

It is important to prepare the holiday to the smallest detail. This is how you will convey to all the states and feelings that you are trying.

Even if it is a baby, it is important to talk to and tell it. It is essential that he can be made to participate passively, by listening to what is happening in the family.

Baby gifts or not?

You may be tempted to jump over the gift for the little one. After all, he doesn't know he got something or not. Psychologists argue that it is important to give a gift to the child.

The mother is the intermediary, the one who connects between what is transmitted and what reaches the child, and she is also the carrier of the meaning of that gift or of Santa.

In addition, the little boy's first gift, like other "first" moments of his life (the first step, the first word, etc.), represents a beautiful and unmatched memory. A memory that you can retract in the future, with the child, through the images from the event. So don't hesitate to take pictures and record these moments.

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