Activities appropriate to the days of the menstrual cycle

Activities appropriate to the days of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle and the influence of hormones in daily decisions!

Find out the best days in your menstrual cycle to get on a diet, have sex, ask for a raise or even quit. Hormonal changes that occur throughout the menstrual cycle influence you in making decisions. Find out how to use hormonal fluctuations in your favor.

Quitting smoking

From the first day of the menstrual cycle until the middle of it (days 1-14) the levels of hormones are low, which means you have an extremely beneficial period: you can feel happier, more willing and even more motivated to do different things.

It is a good time to quit because there is less chance of you being charged with negative emotions or indulging in something that will make you light a cigarette instead of bypassing it.

Solving a stressful problem

When stress hormones are low in the body, you are biologically programmed to cope with a stressful situation, psychologists say. This period is between days 3 and 10 of the menstrual cycle. The specialists studied the interaction between sexual homosexuals, stressors and the disposition of women and came to the conclusion that in other days than the mentioned ones you will not feel motivated enough to give up some emotionally and physically demanding problems.

Activities full of adrenaline

In the period 3-10 of the menstrual cycle you are less stressed and you deal with the demanding problems. Moreover, experts say that everything in this range is the right time to venture into risky activities. Whether it is to go on an unplanned vacation, want to do bungee jumping or want to take part in a car race, this is the best time.

Psychologists argue that this is the time when you really have to do such activities to increase your adrenaline levels, otherwise you risk falling into depression.


When is the best time to get a mammogram? In the period 1-9 of the menstrual cycle, experts say. During this period the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease. Breast tissues become less firm or rigid, and mammography results have greater accuracy.

Starting a diet

Always leave the "Monday" diet start! We change the rule: what would you say if you started between days 3 and 25 of your menstrual cycle? You will definitely have more chances of success! Prior to menstruation, food cravings intensify and it is not advisable to start a weight loss regimen. These can also be prolonged during the first 2 days of menstruation, so it is good to avoid these periods which will be doomed to failure!

Dental control

Dental control is not an easy decision and none that many women enjoy. Therefore, it is postponed as long as possible! Maybe you did not go to the dentist when indicated, that is, between days 6 and 11 of the menstrual cycle. The week immediately following menstruation is the most appropriate for this type of medical checkup.

Besides the fact that you will not be irritated at all because your hormone levels are low, and your gums will be in an optimal state for control. Gums are more inflamed during menstruation.

Baby's conception

The conception of a baby must be done when you are ovulating. In women who have a regular menstrual cycle this means that it appears on day 14. However, if you do not have a regular menstrual cycle, then the ovulation period may vary. In most cases it occurs between days 10 and 13 of a menstrual cycle.

Request for a salary increase

In the same period when you are fertile in order to conceive a baby, the specialists say that it is advisable and you have the courage to ask for a salary increase or a promotion in function. Increased levels of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and other homons involved in ovulation are associated with increased cognitive skills and better verbal skills. In other words, you have more confidence in yourself to do this.

Pap smear test

As in the case of mammography, the Pap test has a specific period in the menstrual cycle when it is advisable to do it. Higher levels of estrogen and porgesterone change the cervical mucus, making it more fluid and less consistent. This is the period when samples are taken, and the accuracy of the results will be maximum. This interval is between days 10-20 of the cycle.

Satisfactory sex

The rapid and intense attainment of orgasm or sexual pleasure occurs on day 13 of the menstrual cycle. The day before ovulation, the libido reaches its climax. The explanation is that all hormones are extremely active during this period, including sexual ones, which makes this period very ... satisfying for you!

Making an important decision

If you have to make an important decision, delay a little until you reach the 24-28 range of the menstrual cycle! The levels of progesterone and estrogen decrease considerably in the latter part of the cycle and you become less impulsive. It is the part of the month in which decisions are not made based on hormonal changes and are more rational and conscious.

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