Ripslinger, a feared opponent for Dusty from Planes

Ripslinger, a feared opponent for Dusty from Planes

"Planes" ("Airplanes"), a Pixar brand film that rises to its own height, the story started in the beloved animation Cars 1 and 2, has a premiere in Romania on the date of September 6, 2013. This time the characters are some very funny planes, which start in a thrilling race through the clouds.

The story of the movie

The main character of the film, Dusty, is a small plane with big dreams: he wants to compete in a famous air race, only because his fear of heights stands in his way. We let you find out from the movie who helps him turn his dream into reality, but until then, we invite you exclusively to the Planes universe.

Today we introduce a new character, Ripslinger.


In the original animation, the voice of Roger Craig Smith

With more wins than he can count and many fans, Ripslinger is by far the biggest name in the world of airline pilots - and he knows that. But, despite its "sky-is-limit" attitude and state-of-the-art equipment, the champion does not always play correctly, especially when his opponent is a small-town plane with no airline experience.

Dusty has nothing to do in the same sport with Risling and his mere presence makes the champion fuel boil with anger. If Dusty's lack of experience won't remove him from the race, Ripslinger knows a few tricks and side moves that can solve the problem.

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