Fashion and beauty, tricks for single mothers

Fashion and beauty, tricks for single mothers

Mommy or not, your image should always be spectacular. The neat physical appearance and the clothes you choose speak for themselves about a person. Let's see what those outfits and beauty tricks that communicate the sex appeal and seduction of the woman in the eyes of men.

Black underwear

Black underwear makes men crazy. It is considered to be much sexier than other colors, even than red. So, do not hesitate to have some special pieces, thong or not, to seduce your partner. Choose fine materials such as silk or lace, pleasant to the touch.

Short black dress!

Or the Americans "little black dress".

All stylists claim that every woman should have a short black dress in her wardrobe. This is one of the garments that emits sexuality and sex appeal.

Careful manicure looks great

A bright red or a strong vision on the nails makes you sexier and more attractive. However, before applying a peel, make sure the nails are cleaned and clean.

Texture of clothes

The texture of the clothes can make a difference! The difference between a quiet afternoon in the house, where you sit and watch TV or walk the baby and an arson night in which you venture into various erotic scenarios. In the first case, cotton is used most often, in the second case one opts for silk, lace, leather, fur or even cashmere. These materials seem to ask to be touched and handled by your partner.

The black eye pencil

Or the smokey-eyes effect, as it's known! When you make a sharp black outline in your eyes you attract men like a magnet. It seems that this contour gives you an appearance of a bad woman, put on big things, who wants to be seduced.

High heel and thin shoe

Just as the black black dress should be the basis of the wardrobe of a woman who knows how to seduce, high-heeled and thin shoes complement her and transform the woman into an erotic target for men. If you wear high heels and the dress falls on your shapes more sensual than ever, you will know to turn your eyes and renew the passion of your couple relationship.

Red lipstick

And this makeup product is essential in completing an outfit that will delight men. I think it matches perfectly with the black dress and a red stiletto pair. These three elements represent the guaranteed recipe for the sexual stimulation of men.

If you still have the exciting idea of ​​giving you the red lipstick in front of him, passing it slowly and provocatively over the two lips then you can say that you have reached your goal.

Print animal

In vogue this season, this imprint can create exciting scenarios in the minds of men. You can opt for underwear with such prints, but even a scarf or dress can capture the full attention of your partner.

Men's shirt

There is something that translates to "here and now" if you dress your shirt. It is likely that wearing a white shirt, unzipped at a few buttons and slightly siphoned has long been associated with the idea of ​​having sex after sex and this sexual charm is drawn to it.


The porter is the most erotic piece in a woman's underwear. Undress your side slightly wild and adventurous and show your courage in front of him. Not every woman can wear this lingerie, but only those who really know what they want: to seduce men! Do you have such a piece in the wardrobe?

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