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Surprises from the Carrefour!

Surprises from the Carrefour!

And for parents and children the school comes with many surprises at Carrefour!

No matter how bad it might seem to us, summer is almost over, and our little ones are already preparing for school. This does not mean, however, that they have less desire to play. Even if the weather begins, slowly, to be too cool for trips to grandparents or to the mountains, the little ones remain just as playful and full of energy as they are on vacation.

This is why, and this fall, Carrefour has been thinking of parents, giving children the opportunity to unfold.

First of all, it brought the little ones closer to their idols. As early as September Disney Channel already aired the movie "Camp Rock 2" with Jonas Brothers, the children were sure to be photographed, between September 10 and 12, with members of the band at the specially arranged panels inside the Carrefour stores.

But the autumn surprises at Carrefour do not stop here!

During the weekend of September 18-19, children will be able to make their own supplies. Each creative workshop at Carrefour lasts 6 hours, during which time the little ones are free to imagine and create in their own way and from any material, timetables, pencil holders, feathers that they can then take with them at home. And, in case they want to forget about everything in school, they can always make the craziest drawings and paintings or the most cute animals modeled from the balloon together with the animators put on jokes and captions. The creative workshops are organized in any Carrefour store, and for schedule details, you just have to visit

In addition, for those entering class I this year, Carrefour has a surprise, not a whole team-surprise! From the first day of school until the end of September, the Carrefour special teams carry out the operation "Ghiozdane for the frogs!" in all schools in 15 cities in the country where there are Carrefour hypermarkets (Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj, Braila, Arad, Suceava, Pitesti, Focsani, Oradea, Sibiu, Buzau, Drobeta). Carrefour has prepared 39,000 packages and 5,000 backpacks so that each freshman will receive a welcome gift to the school, full of wonders and useful things for everyday lessons. And this is because all the freshmen are winners this year!

So, parents, get ready to welcome the return of autumn and the start of the school year with a smile on your lips!

Carrefour has thought of everything to entertain your little one and to help you get started with a grade 10 school year!

September 17, 2010