The genetic influence of the mother on the weight of the baby at birth

The genetic influence of the mother on the weight of the baby at birth

The weight that a mother had when she was born influences the weight of her future child

There is a genetic influence between your weight when you were born and the birth weight of your future children. Several studies and medical research have found that the weight of the mother she had when she was born is a determining factor in the weight that her future baby will have at birth

It seems that genes are the ones that play the most important role in this discovery. So, if you were overweight at birth, there is every chance that your future baby will be just as chubby at birth.

It is interesting that the genes of the mother seem to play a more important role in this problem than those of the father.

Specialists claim that while both parents make their genetic contribution to fetal development, the mother contributes extra genes (called mitochondrial DNA) that influence the baby's birth weight.

Most research in this regard has been done on animals. Not always the results of the studies done on them correspond to those of the human research, but they are aspects worth considering.

Other factors determining the weight of the baby at birth

Also, it is not necessary that this genetic link between the birth weight of the mother and the prediction of the future baby's weight becomes an exact certainty and criterion to be followed in view of the future birth weight of the baby.

The birth weight of the baby can be influenced by other factors such as the weight accumulated by the mother during pregnancy, but also by her lifestyle.

The use of drugs, medicines, excess coffee, smoking or malnutrition are factors that can cause a low birth weight of the baby. While babies born to overweight mothers who succeed in giving birth to term (obesity predispose to preterm birth) have a high birth weight.

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