State kindergartens versus private kindergartens

State kindergartens versus private kindergartens

What do you choose for your child?

The state kindergarten or private kindergarten, whatever the choice, you must ensure that you will provide your little one with safety, a varied educational program and a healthy environment to develop in a harmonious way.
To ensure that you will make the right decision for your child, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of choosing state as well as private education.
State kindergartens
• the quality of the educational act, the educators have the experience and can assure your child a very good education;

• the grid of activities diversified and adapted to the current requirements;

• most kindergartens were renovated and were equipped with new furniture and modern educational materials;

• there are kindergartens with weekly program;

• own kitchen;

• fares are relatively cheap compared to private ones;

• courtyards with generous spaces for children's play;

• contracts with theaters for recreational activities.

• too many children in the group, if one of them becomes ill, the others in the next few days will surely get sick, consequently some days from kindergarten would be missing;

• educators and caregivers cannot pay attention to each child individually, even if they would like to;

• foreign language classes are quite simple;

• The psychologist or speech therapist does not have a cabinet in the kindergarten, but usually belongs to a nearby school.
Private kindergartens
• the number of children in the group is of maximum 12;

• the classrooms are spacious and bright, equipped with modern audio-video equipment;

• Apart from the compulsory educational program, they have a wide range of options, namely: learning several foreign languages, developing dance skills, acting, computer science, sports dances, tennis, swimming, karate, painting, piano, music, acting;

• varied food;

• lack of stress with supplies and consumables;

• permanent, speech-language healthcare;

• transportation is ensured;

• you can check if your child is well cared for by the online surveillance systems provided by most kindergartens.
• educators who have recently completed their studies and have no experience;

• tariffs are high and usually not directly proportional to the desired results;

• the space in which the activity is carried out is usually a villa with 2 or 3 floors, with steep stairs which the child could prevent;

• the meal is usually provided in the catering system and is paid extra.


The offer is varied and requires time to make the right choice. Whether you choose a state kindergarten or a private kindergarten, it offers some useful tips:
• Don't leave this problem for the last hundred meters and try to find the kindergarten for your child in time.

• Also consider the recommendations of those around you, other moms who have gone through this experience will definitely give you a relevant opinion, which you should consider. You may also find useful the opinions of moms posted in our kindergarten guide, read them carefully.

• Choose the kindergarten as close as possible to the house, because the little one will only get tired of the kindergarten - the house and will tell you he doesn't want to go anymore.

• Carefully inspect the kindergarten and insist on meeting the educator who will take care of your child.

• Make an unexpected visit during the day to see if the children are supervised or not.
The decision is difficult and you must have a well-planned plan. Regardless of the state kindergarten or private kindergarten option, you must know exactly what you want for your child and choose what is best for him: he must eat healthy, rest and have a varied educational program to offer him. the possibility to develop in a harmonious way.