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Parent-child communication at 3 years

Parent-child communication at 3 years


- I have a niece of 3 years old. I do not know how to proceed ... He is a good child who is more savvy. She stays with her grandmother, and her parents see her in the evening. Her mother quarrels with her all the time, tells her he is a bad child, etc. (In my opinion it requires him to behave like an adult). The little one came to shake or say NO at all when the parents are around her. When they are not the parents it is cheerful and obedient, but when the parents appear they lock themselves in it and take NO in their arms.


Have you tried talking to the girl's parents? If not, it is important to convey your observations, without telling them "how best" to behave.
The idea is for them to receive a feedback on their relationship with their little girl. If you see that they are open, try to convey how they relate to those with whom the girl is cheerful and obedient.
It is not necessary to tell them where they are wrong, because they will notice themselves.
If they are not open to your observations, talk to the little girl, explaining that her parents love her a lot, but when they come home they are tired and for this reason a quarrel.
It is not her fault that her parents are upset when they come from work. She could help them by trying to listen to them.
Obviously, it is not the best solution for a girl to help her parents, but if there is no other option, you can try to reach her understanding.