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South Beach Revised Diet

South Beach Revised Diet

Five years after the popular South Beach diet was published, author, Arthur Agatston, created an updated version called the South Beach Revised Diet. The approach is largely the same, with the introduction of new foods allowed and 20 minutes of toning exercises per day to revitalize your metabolism and to lose pounds easier.
After seeing his patients' comments on the first variant of the South Beach diet on the website, Agatston decided to develop a plan with more flexibility in the early stages and with more exercise.

He says he heard many stories of his patients who were struggling to keep up with the diet, but failed because it was very strict or because they were tired of repeating the same exercise.
Several studies have shown that to lose weight effectively it takes almost an hour of moderate exercise a day. So, Agatston teamed up with a psychologist in exercise at the University of Miami, Joseph Signorile, to create effective physical exercises and in this context they discovered the benefits of alternating intensity exercises.

Exercises with alternating intensity will help you burn more calories than a number of exercises of the same intensity.
The South Beach Revised Diet book includes many practical tips on how to maintain your weight after completing the first phases of your diet, success stories, answers to frequently asked questions, menu plans and 40 new recipes. The book is also available as an audio book and a DVD with exercise.

What you can eat

And in the revised version there are the famous three phases. You need to eat "good" carbohydrates, low in sugar, healthy fats, low protein, low dairy, and lots of fiber to control your calorie intake. Low fiber and protein will help keep you hungry. The portions should be moderate.
In the first 14-day phase, in addition to the carbohydrate-rich foods listed above, you must avoid confectionery or other desserts rich in sugar and alcohol altogether.
You are allowed two servings of milk or yogurt with low fat content per day.
The next phase partially reintroduces carbohydrates, through very limited portions of pasta, carrots, tomatoes and onions in unlimited quantities, fruits in moderate quantities, whole grains, wine and weak beer only on certain occasions. This phase lasts until you reach the ideal weight.
The last phase is the one you should follow all your life. You can eat normal foods in normal portions, but following some basic rules such as intelligent choice of foods, portion control, avoiding foods that stimulate hunger (eg bread) and regular exercise.

Those who are already familiar with the South Beach diet will be happy to find out that in the new book containing the revised version, Phases 1 and 2 have more food selections and more recipes. Phase 1, the most drastic, includes more chicken, vegetables, drinks, desserts, soy products, healthy fats, and cooked foods.
Even if you are vegetarian or just like certain types of foods, you will have to choose from because the list is long and the meals do not become boring.

How it works

The first variant of the diet proved to be the right solution for many people, and the revised version promises to improve these results by focusing more on physical exercise.
In the revised diet, the 10-week fitness plan has three phases and is coordinated with the dietary phases.

The premise of this diet is the combination of high intensity and low intensity movements during the exercise that should be done for 20 minutes. On other days you will have to do toning exercises at home (you will need a stopwatch and a pedometer).
Exercises will burn more calories (about 25% more calories) in the final stages of the program because they will increase in intensity.

What the experts say

The American Association of Dietitians praised this revised South Beach diet. They described the diet as one based on many healthy foods and a balanced nutritional plan combined with practical exercise.

The association also approved the approach of physical exercises for which you do not need special equipment and which alternates in intensity.
Another strength of the book is that it provides readers with 85 photographs illustrating the correct method of performing the physical exercises, to avoid accidents and to ensure the correct development of muscles.
The South Beach Revised Diet is a total diet beneficial for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, wants to lower their cholesterol levels, lose weight and exercise.
Almost all dietitians recommend patients with phase 2 and 3 variants anyway, so you can try it with confidence.

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