Hair loss in babies

Hair loss in babies

My newborn has no hair at all. It's normal?

Hair loss in newborns is a normal thing and is not a cause for concern. Often, newborns lose their hair within the first six months of life.
This is due to the fact that it is necessary to go through two stages in hair growth: a growth phase and a "rest" stage, after which it falls. The period of hair growth lasts about 3 years, and the "rest" period lasts about 3 months (although it is normal if it lasts between one month and 6 months).
In newborns, all follicles enter the resting period at the same time and expect new hair to grow (the same process can affect the mother after birth due to stress and emotions).

This hair loss is supposed to be due to the change in the concentration of certain hormones.
During the intrauterine period, the child has an increased level of sex hormones. After birth their level drops drastically and the child's hair falls.
Sometimes, the baby is born with a thick, straight, black hair. A few months after birth, it begins to fall and a new hair, another color and even texture, appears.
If the hair continues to fall after six months, this should be brought to the attention of the doctor, which may be a sign of nutritional problems.
If you happen to notice that your child sometimes has much less hair than the rest of the head, be careful about the position he is used to sleeping.
If you get used to sleeping in the same position or standing with your head supported by the back of the chair, it is possible that more area will lose more hair.

What can I do?

There is nothing you can do about newborn hair loss, as long as it is a hormonal cause.
If the baby loses his hair at times because of the position he is sleeping in, try to change his position in his sleep. An idea would be to place it every night with your head on another end of the crib, so he will have to turn his head every time somewhere else to look at you.

What to do if the baby is totally bald?

Many newborns are like that! Upon closer examination of the scalp, however, you will notice thin, small, light-colored strands of hair, like a fluff. The baby can stay that way until the age of one year. Until then, enjoy the easy-to-arrange style.

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