Halloween bodypainting for children

Halloween bodypainting for children

It is impossible not to have happened that your baby or child was painted on the face at a children's event and was very excited by the new image he has.
Now, for Halloween, you can paint the little one right at home. These are just some of the ideas you can adopt, we will try to guide you step by step.

The cat

Step 1
With a makeup sponge, apply white makeup to the entire surface of the eyelid and climb to the base of the eyebrows.
Then go up with the "cornice" makeup on the sides of the forehead.
He then paints, using white makeup, and the upper part of the lip, up to the nose and extends just beyond the cheeks.

Then apply a little pink powder to the cheeks, for added effect.
Step 2
Using a small or medium size brush, start from the inner corner of the eye painted with white makeup, and outline, using black makeup, the portions around the eye, previously colored with white.

Then, using all black makeup, draw two or three genes, starting from the outer edges of the other eye.

Step 3
Start the drawing of the drugstore by drawing a line from the middle of the birth to the middle of the upper lip, using a brush with black makeup. Then, outline with black makeup the upper wall of the lip, previously painted with white makeup.
Don't forget to paint the top of your baby. To achieve the desired "kitten" effect, draw, from the corners of the lip to the cheeks, 3 mustaches and then color the lips with black makeup.


Step 1
Using golden makeup, color your eyes, starting with the bottom of the eye and climb to the forehead at a 90-degree angle. After you have delimited this area, cover it completely with golden makeup.
With the help of a sponge, it also colors with golden makeup, in the form of a circle, the cheeks area.
Then color, with a little blue makeup, the areas colored with gold.
Step 2
Using a small or medium size brush, create curved lines and dots, using white or black makeup, depending on what color you think would best match the skin tone.

Let your imagination work when you draw these lines. Practice on paper first, to get easier on your hand.
Step 3
It outlines the curved lines and the points with a contrasting color, each time outlining the inner part of the drawing lines. This contouring gives the makeup a shadow effect.
If you have included in the drawing stars or flowers, you can add a little color (blue, pink, green) to them. On the lips, apply a little lip gloss and the little princess is ready.


Step 1
Soak the corner of a makeup sponge in water, then wrap it with white makeup and cover the entire face, including lips.
Just wet the corner of the sponge a little before wetting it with makeup and moistening it whenever needed. Try to keep it moist, not wet.
Step 2
For contouring, use purple or blue makeup to darken (not blacken) the side areas of the face.
The main areas to be covered are the temples, the eyes (the areas above and below them), the area under the cheeks and below the jaw and the base of the nose.
Step 3
If you darken the areas too hard, return to them and apply a little white makeup with the help of the sponge.

Step 4
Using black makeup and a small brush, create a V in the forehead (which you also color with black makeup).
The drawing will look great if you start from the base of the forehead to hide the contour line of the face. Then, it accentuates the eyebrows very strongly, arching them.
Step 5
Using a small brush and red makeup (you can use a lipstick), draw vampire lips.
When drawing, follow the contour line of the lower lip. As for the upper lip, it accentuates the lines.
This will give the makeup style and will not give the impression of a child who just gave lipstick.
In order to create the vampire teeth, the specialists in face painting recommend that we imagine that we draw two commas that meet, barely noticeable, at the bottom of the lip.
When you start the "comma" drawing, be sure to do it directly from the lip to create a different three-dimensional effect.
The first line of the "comma" must start from the corner of the lip. The second line of the comma, which will lead to the formation of the "vampire corner", must start from a slightly distant angle so that, finally, the points meet.
Before painting your little "vampire" practice on a sheet of paper so that everything comes out perfect.

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