Transylvania Train, an experience for the whole family

Transylvania Train, an experience for the whole family

Transilvania Train has emerged as a unique concept in Romania, which aims to educate the public and bring to their attention authentic experiences, traditions and cultural values.

For 4 days, participants will embark on a train adventure through the heart of Transylvania and will enter into the atmosphere of Transylvanian traditions and experiences, enjoying a flexible and personalized program. Among the recreational and educational activities specially organized for the participants are the visit of famous localities and tourist objectives, camp lunches in culturally charged regions, up to the traditional carpentry workshops - "the craft of the Transylvanian historical envelopes", the Saxon architecture, horse riding, tastings wine or even exclusive and rare events, such as the Philharmonic concert in Sibiu, organized in the Little Square in Sibiu or the organ concert at the Church in Sebes.

Although conceived as a complete circuit with a sustained program, the Transilvania Train can also be seen as a mini family vacation. This is also validated by the high demand coming from clients with children of all ages, aware that even the pleasure of traveling is learned from an early age. Thus, if even the smallest of the family is as curious and adventurous as the parents, the three-way educational experience also comes with benefits: Transilvania Train offers a free ticket for children under 10, along with two adults, and children aged between 10 and 14 years old, they get a 50% discount on the package, together with two adults.

Any family will be able to embark on an adventure spiced with cultural and gastronomic activities, and the little one will be able to participate in activities appropriate to his age. As the program is flexible and can be customized, adults can choose exactly the workshops that interest them, being sure that at the same time there are interesting and educational alternatives to the liking of the little one. And, even if there are separate activities, it is certain that families will visit the symbolic cities of Transylvania and spend a dream holiday together, which will stimulate curiosity and open the horizons of the little one.

The Transilvania Train Adventure takes place between August 31 and September 3, 2017 and consists of a unique experience in Romania, along which idyllic areas of Transylvania and Saxon customs and traditions will be explored.

The adventure begins at www.transilvania-train.com/program.

The gratuity is valid for each minor under the age of 10, accommodated with parents, 2 adults, in the twin or double room.

The 50% promotion is valid for each minor between the ages of 10 and 14 years, accommodated with parents, 2 adults, in the twin or double room.

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