How to persuade your child to read this summer

How to persuade your child to read this summer

You fondly remember your summer vacation when you had time to read books that you didn't open during the school year, but you can't say the same about your child, who is more tempted by computer games or computer games. fun with friends ...

Do not think that it is a lost cause, you just have to know how to motivate it, so that they start spending some of their free time in the company of a book. Here are some strategies with which you will be able to convince him to read on this long vacation!

Don't give him books he doesn't understand

One of the mistakes some parents make is to give children books above their level of understanding. You have a whole library for nothing and you wonder why it is not read, but do not ask yourself the question of how interested and easily understood those volumes are. Buy easy-to-read volumes, tailored to their age.

Explore different formats

Children get bored quickly, which can be a real challenge when it comes to reading. So do not buy them books that bore them, but think of some formats that can be illustrated, have pictures, be interactive for them. Always pictures and photos are a way to attract little ones.

Maintains routine at school and on vacation

Many children have to read, not only for school readings, but also for additional books. Try to keep this routine on vacation. Don't force him, but tell him it would be good to read 2-3 pages a day. The ideal moment is before bed, when he tells you he wants to play a few more games. Instead of a computer game, read a few pages together. Each one with his book, but keep the attention to him.

Last but not least, keep in mind that the passion for reading for young children is cultivated, so make a ritual with it and read stories from an early age.

Encourage her choices

As a parent, it is important to encourage them to make the choices you make, not to tell them that you did not choose the book well and to choose it instead. Let him read everything he likes, because the tastes of each of us are different not only in terms of food, but also in reading it.

Enjoy when you finish a book

Another successful trick is to show them how much you enjoy it after completing a book, to tell them how much you are proud of it. Talk to him on the reading side, ask him which characters he liked the most, which are the things he learned.

Put books around him

A helpful strategy is to always have a book around it, a volume that will "keep an eye on it". So never leave the bedside table without a book, because it is an excellent way to arouse your curiosity so that you want to read it. Get used to books around him from his earliest years, because reading is a passion that is cultivated.

Help him understand the subject

For younger children it may be more difficult to understand the subject of a book. When he gets stuck, be careful to explain to him very patiently what is going on, read with him. Otherwise, discouraging him, he will no longer be attracted to something he finds difficult.

Read aloud a funny passage from a book

To make him want to read, a good strategy is to read aloud a funny passage from a book. Also, for the younger children there is another trick: leave scattered books around the house with tempting books. The little ones are curious about the threads and will not resist the temptation. Slowly, slowly, they will discover how beautiful it is not only to look at the pictures, but also to read.

If you are already a reading enthusiast ...

If your child is already a big fan of reading, always buy new volumes, so you can cultivate even more passion for reading. If you are passionate about an author or a series of volumes, buy everything new. Books are an investment that you will not regret!

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