Green Parenting Winter Carnival by Active Center

Green Parenting Winter Carnival by Active Center

December 16, 2012, 11:00 am

Jubile The Ballroom, Bucharest

Organizer: Active Center & Bastet Creation

Come with the office bag or without it, with a tie or without a tie, with a laptop or without a laptop, with a skirt or in trousers, but mandatory with the baby in your tummy or with your baby at GREEN PARENTING CARNIVAL OF WINTER to discover together how beautiful , ethical, responsible and simple is to celebrate the winter holidays, to live, to play with your child, to raise and educate him GREEN.

You will enjoy with the other guests a special program offered by Active Center, a program that involves creativity, dance, play for the little ones, socializing for parents and couples of future parents and a lot of information.

The event is part of a calendar of events under the Green Parentig Brand, a concept of life, education, food, creative activities, etc., healthy from all points of view.

The organizers prepared us many surprises: the history of the game (a foray into the world of toys), about Raw Food during pregnancy, parent / child work shops, drawing workshop and many, many more.

There will be more public persons with babies who will share with us their experiences.

Active Center wishes through these series of events to be with parents and prospective parents with quality information to succeed in being the best in the fascinating and inexhaustible PARENTAL MESSAGE.

Mrs. Vania Limban, Independent Woman, created these special programs from the heart, always being close to all the parents who pass the Active Center threshold.

We look forward to an event where gingasia and information will come together to provide you with a helping hand in PARENTAL MESSAGE.

Confirmation until date: 16 December 2012

Participation fee: 50 ron