The benefits of Omega 3 in your and your child's health

The benefits of Omega 3 in your and your child's health

Omega 3 fatty acids rank 2 among the main nutrients an organism needs to function at its maximum capacity. Not only does it play an essential role in the health and integrity of every cell in the body, but it also helps to combat extremely threatening diseases.

It fights pain and inflammation in the body

Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive effect on these problems that you may face. They regulate the inflammatory cycle of the body which helps prevent and relieve pain caused by diseases such as arthritis, cystitis, etc.

Prevents serious cardiovascular disease

Omega 3 fatty acids have the role of protecting the heart from very serious conditions, such as heart attack or heart attack.

These acids help to destroy clots before causing any problems.

Omega 3 has also been shown to be effective in preventing and ameliorating problems associated with the cardiac system: it helps balance cholesterol, triglycerides or high blood pressure.

It helps the brain and improves brain functions

Doctors recommend especially to pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding to consume foods or supplements based on Omega 3. It has beneficial effect on the development of the central nervous system of the child and on his cognitive development. Helps improve memory, focus and attention.

Fight depression

Not only can it make you smarter and stronger, but it also seems to have an antidepressant effect. More than that, these fatty acids help to fight some serious psychological illness. The latest research highlights the positive effects on Alzheimer's and bipolar disorder.

A study by the University of Pittsburg shows that a meal based on fish consumed in the evening can give you a good feeling. It was found that people who had a low level of Omega-3 fatty acids in their blood were prone to negativity and impulsivity, as opposed to people with a high level of Omega-3 in their blood, who were much more well-off and less bearish.

Omega-3 acids could contribute to the structural improvement of the parts of the brain corresponding to emotions, the same parts where gray matter is reduced in the case of depression states.

Combat frequent disorders in childhood

Specialists claim that Omega 3 has the power to fight against common ailments in childhood. For example, children with ADHD who consumed these acids had a significant improvement in quality of life. There have been encouraging results on the fight against dyspraxia, dyslexia and compulsive disorders.

Reduces the risk of breast, colon or prostate cancer

Omega 3 fatty acids help fight 3 of the most important forms of cancer. The specialists argue that this happens in 3 ways: by stopping the alteration of healthy cells, by inhibiting the development of cancer cells or by destroying the already existing diseased cells.

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