Get rid of the goose forever!

Get rid of the goose forever!

Double chin, also known as goiter, is an imperfection on the aesthetic level, faced by both men and women. The representatives of the "beautiful sex" are more affected by the presence of the box and are always looking for the perfect solution to get rid of it. If you also encounter this problem, you may find the information below useful!

The appearance of double beard can have multiple causes, but in order to act on its disappearance we must find out the cause that triggered it. Most of the times, the guilt for the appearance of the double beard is the diet too high in fat, the kilograms accumulated over time or the aging. Sometimes, however, there are also medical causes such as hormonal imbalances, problems with the thyroid gland, or a genetic predisposition.

Double chin is formed when the skin around the neck and face loses its elasticity under the weight of excess fat accumulation. Although you may be tempted to believe that this is strictly because of the accumulation of kilos, find out that it does not always apply.

The causes of the appearance of the goiter

- Excess weight: at the moment of the accumulation of kilograms, the elasticity of the skin is under a very high pressure. It is known that fat is distributed throughout the body or predominantly in certain areas (abdomen, thighs, thigh, back);

- Eat high in fat: there are also people with normal weight who face the problem of double chin. The consumption of junk food, the excess alcohol, all these favors the appearance of double chin;

- Problems with the thyroid gland: hormonal imbalances can cause the appearance of the goose, if the nutrition is correct and you do not have extra kilos, consult an endocrinologist to find out if you do not suffer from hypothyroidism;

- Old age: the elasticity of the skin and its tone are affected by the passing of the years and no one, regardless of the lifestyle approached, is not bypassed by this proven fact. Once the muscles in the neck have lost their supporting force, the skin is left;

- Genetic inheritance: there are people who are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat strictly in certain places, the chin is one of those places.

How can you fight the goose?

The shoe appeared after the accumulation of extra kilos

If you find yourself in the category of people who develop the appearance of the goose due to the accumulation of extra kilos, excess fat layer or have a high fat diet, you must find a way to burn excess fat.

To do this you must try to approach a clean and healthy eating style: consume unprocessed foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, cheese, fish and lean meat. Also, it is very important to have a minimum water supply of 2 liters per day. Processed foods that contain sugar, fats, flour, hydrogenated fats should be excluded from eating, it is recommended to avoid commercial juices and juices, whether or not acidified.

Do you have a normal weight and still have a goose?

If you are a normal weight person and have been diagnosed with thyroid gland dysfunction and your dog has an aesthetic appearance, you should consider that at least 70% of your daily diet should contain oil, vegetables, fruits and seeds. in the raw state, consume a sufficient amount of water per day and supplement the intake of iodine in the body. This way you will be able to combat the effects of water retention and shrinkage of the pod.

If you are genetically predisposed to fat deposits in the neck area, besides a proper nutrition is recommended a weekly sports program.

Cheats for quick combat of the box

Call for massage!

A massage at the neck, in combination with a cream that stimulates the mechanism of thermogenesis, can work wonders! Recommended creams based on caffeine or hot pepper, they favor the faster heating of the skin and contribute to the burning of fats and to the excess water from the body.

Tip: thrice daily, for 5 minutes, massage the chin with the back of the palm from top to bottom, reaching to the level of the neck. Also using the back of your palms, hit the projection of the box with quick movements, 2-3 minutes, in the evening before bed.

Facial gymnastics and neck exercises

If sometimes the shape of the face simply favors the appearance of the goose, in most cases the double chin appears after weakening the muscle tissue or skin. Thus, facial gymnastics can be of real use, as it stimulates the muscles of the neck and jaw.

Tip: open your mouth wide and move your lower jaw upwards like a bulldozer, the exercise is performed correctly if you manage to reach the upper lip with your lower teeth. Do 15 repetitions, how many times a day you have the opportunity.

Another exercise you can try is mimicking chewing, or simply opening and closing the mouth repeatedly, if the muscles of the face and jaw become tense as a result of the exercise, it means that you have done it correctly.

Another workout we propose you is to sit in the seated position with your head on your back and look at the ceiling. During this time, stick your lips and simulate the chewing process, perform about 100 such movements per day.

Naturalistic methods for removing the pod

The natural remedies only temporarily improve the appearance of the double chin, but they are worth trying:

- Choose two eggs and beat the foam of their whites, then spread them all over the face, insisting on the chin and neck area. After leaving the mask to act for 15 minutes, rinse the face with warm water.

- Twice a week you can choose to apply poultices with clay - a 1 cm thick layer is spread over the entire face and neck.

- Crush some cabbage leaves and apply them as a poultice in the neck area, under the chin. Repeat the procedure for a minimum of 2-3 months and the results will not be delayed.

It is true that these remedies are just a way to mask the problem, as you can correct it from makeup, but what do you have to lose?

One last tip: pay attention to your body posture! Keep your back straight and your chin slightly raised, your bump will instantly become less visible!

If you look in the mirror and are no longer satisfied with your image, it's time to take action, don't you think?

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