Tips for buying a baby cot

Tips for buying a baby cot

a baby cot it is one of the most important acquisitions that future parents make. It's normal. Equally normal is the fact that many of them do not know what to choose, because there are many models on the market, some that attract your eyes, but which are often incompatible with the space in which they follow. to be located baby cot, or do not meet all the safety conditions for the child.

How to choose one baby cot ideal? Here are some tips to help you shop:

1. Not the price of the crib should be the main selection criterion, but the safety of the child. An expensive cot does not guarantee this condition.

2. Regardless of the type of baby crib, make sure that the side walls allow good air circulation. If the bed is made of textile, choose one that has all the walls in the net.

3. Ideally, the crib has wheels with stop or detachable. In the first months of life, you will want to move it from one room to another. More than that, the wheels will help you wipe the dust from beneath baby cot.

4. Before you buy the crib, carefully examine the edges and look for a model that has their protection, from a soft material, because the little ones tend to bite the bed edges when they can reach them.

5. Think ahead of time where you want to place the baby crib, make the necessary measurements before you go shopping, to know exactly the dimensions you count.

6. If you choose a wooden crib, then choose one that has at least one removable wall, with an easy-to-use system. If you have decided to choose a folding crib with textile walls, then you should choose one with a side zipper. Not the other way around, but it will be much easier to put and take the little one when you turn the baby crib into a crib.

At Noriel you will find a wide range of cribs for babies, at prices for all pockets. In the first months of life, a baby crib represents the universe for him, the place where he first discovers the mother's face, colors and music. So it is ideal for him to have the most beautiful universe, but one for parents who put the comfort and comfort of their baby first.

Discover at Noriel the children's furniture perfect for your little one. And the transport is free for orders of at least 150 lei.

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