Modern Dad s Challenges, 2nd edition Psychology of father-child play

Modern Dad s Challenges, 2nd edition Psychology of father-child play

The Modern Dad's Challenges event returns with a new edition. On June 7, from 6.30 pm, at the Seeds Center for Happiness, see you again for the second edition. We will discuss with our guests about "Psychology of father-child play”.

Event moderator, Andrei Cismaru, Blogger & Tatic, will develop this theme along with:
- Cristina Haica, Psychologist;
- Adriana Mitu, Parenting Trainer;
- Ioana Saidel, Assistant Montessori educator age group 0-3 years;
- Leon Magdan, Itsy Bitsy Play Teacher;
- Ana Maita, Counselor for Women's Rights SAMAS Association.

Play is a first step by which the child learns and discovers the world around him. Through play, the child observes and analyzes the things and objects that catch their attention, develops their skills and qualities, acquires new ones, develops their emotional intelligence, but also their practical spirit. The child develops socially, psychically, cognitively, emotionally due to the games in which he is trained since the first months of birth. And besides all this, the game is an extraordinary way to relax and spend time with parents and loved ones.

In the process of learning through play, parents are the ones who can help and support the little one. For example, the studies conducted so far highlight that the model transmitted by children to children through play and the activities they do together is essential in the development of children. Children love to spend time with their dads and get involved in games different from the ones usually chosen by the mother: such as the battles in the play between father and son, harjons, noisy activities, the moments when the father throws up the little one. and so on But through activities and games like these, children learn about masculinity, aggressiveness and how they can control their emotions, about another type of behavior. They develop different skills and qualities because each parent transmits them by playing different types of experiences and knowledge.

To better understand "Psychology of father-child play”, We expect all the fathers interested in the second edition of Modern Dad's Challenges, which will take place on June 7, from 6.30 pm. We will also discuss: the psychology of the game and its benefits for children, how the games influence the emotional intelligence of the child, the safety of the child during the game, types of activities for the little ones outdoors and games suitable for the fathers and their children. To participate in the event, it is necessary to register in advance on the blog, by filling in the following form: // The event is free, and seats are limited (80 participants).

We also prepare a raffle with many surprises from Wooden Toys Crafts, SAMAS Association, Pampers, Cutaden Bebe etc.

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