The importance of the game in developing the child's motor skills

The importance of the game in developing the child's motor skills

From childhood we tend to assign games a strictly entertaining role. However, there is a close connection between the beginning of an early physical activity of a child and the motor skills that the child develops later. Initially, this connection was only noticed, often, during the analysis of children's behavior. Over time, however, the specialists demonstrated it through observational studies involving children from the age of 2 years. The conclusion? Games have an important effect on children's motor skills, being the main physical activity in which they participate.

What are, in fact, motor skills? Well, this is a generic term that refers to fundamental movement skills, object control, stability factors and, last but not least, reaction speed. Countless sporting activities and games such as running, jumping but also catching or throwing objects require some well-developed motor skills that will allow the child to participate in them. So, we can say that the games and the time the children spend practicing will have a fundamental influence on their physical development.

With the inclusion of games in the list of activities that contribute to the harmonious development of small children, child care specialists have noticed a worrying fact. More than half of preschoolers (under 6 years) most often spend under an hour a day playing. And, in fact, more worrying was the fact that the lack of activity observed in young children is maintained in the school child and in the later adolescent. So, insufficient physical activity from childhood becomes a predictive factor of subsequent motor skills.

But we can go even further. Specifically, specialists have noted that a child's motor skills influence his or her cognitive, social and emotional development. Therefore, my recommendation is for each parent to make sure that the little ones participate in games that involve moderate and even sustained physical activity for as long as possible. Because, after all, playing is more than just fun.

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Article written by Cristina Tipluica, pediatrician

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