Businessmen in Timisoara

Businessmen in Timisoara

On Saturday and Sunday, December 1-2, between 10.00-13.00 am, at the Diverta store in Iulius Mall, children between the ages of 8 and 13 are invited to participate in the most innovative financial education and entrepreneurship project. Junior in Business is a program that develops self-confidence, communication and entrepreneurial skills of children through games and interactive activities.

"The program is built in 2 stages. In the first day the children guided by a trainer will develop their creativity with the help of special games and will have the opportunity to meet a successful local entrepreneur. And in the second day we will move on to practical things. The children will be divided into teams and will receive a real money surcharge budget to make their own products which they will then sell in a Fair with the sale of products made by the little ones in the mall. To sell the products, the children will have to disposition 1h, and the profit obtained by them after the sale will be divided as follows: 80% of the profit is equally distributed to the team members, 20% of the profit is donated to a local NGO, "said Claudia Suhov, creative director in within the framework of NextSteve Group.

The number of participants is 16 children. The participation ticket is 100 lei / participant. The ticket price includes: working materials, the budget for the creation of products and fair, snacks, participation diplomas, prizes and gifts. After registration, parents will receive information on how to pay the ticket. The registration of the children in the program is done on the phone number: 0746.042.033 (Claudia Suhov) or on the website, until November 29, at 4 pm.

The event is organized by NextSteve Group in partnership with Diverta and is part of the National Tournament of Financial Education and Entrepreneurship that will continue in the cities of Craiova and Constanta.

So far, there have been 6 "Junior in Business" editions in the cities of Bucharest, Bacau, Iasi, where over 60 children, aged between 7 - 13 years old, divided into 16 teams, in 3 cities (Bucharest, Bacau, Iasi), and together a total profit of 1500 lei was collected, out of which they donated around 200 lei to other children from families with reduced financial possibilities through the non-profit organizations: the Community Support Foundation and World Vision Romania. In addition, the children met with 5 entrepreneurs who told them about their beginnings in entrepreneurship and the first money earned.