Delicious recipes of all mothers, in the kitchen

Delicious recipes of all mothers, in the kitchen

With the new Philips Multicooker multifunctional cooker

Stuffed peppers, apple cakes, ham or homemade yogurt - now you can prepare them all, easier and tastier, with the new Philips Multicooker multifunctional cooker that will arrive in Romania in October.

Philips Multicooker supports you in the preparation of recipes as delicious as your mother's or grandmother's dishes. With 12 cooking programs and 22 temperature settings, it will be your little cook's help to cook your favorite dishes regardless of whether you want to cook them, to fry them, to cook them, to cook them in steam or by boiling them (www .philips.ro / cooker).

With Philips Multicooker HD3037 you prepare dishes that everyone likes. All your loved ones, from small to large, will be pleased because you can prepare an infinite variety of recipes. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the appliance, set the right function and time and let the appliance cook, while you spend time with your family.

With Philips Multicooker you cook a variety of tasty recipes

If you miss the taste of ham and chicken soup, always delicious, which your mother prepared, with the program "Boiling" you will get the delicious taste you are looking for. With the function "Boiled boiled", you can prepare a tasty stew. And the "Yoghurt" program helps you prepare your favorite homemade yogurt: plain or fruity.

Philips Multicooker will be your great help and if you want to prepare foods such as sardines, stuffed peppers or goulas. You can even prepare desserts and impress your guests with their favorite sweets from burnt or milky gravy to chocolate cake and hazelnuts or strawberry jam.

Tasty food, easier cooking

Philips Multicooker cooks in your absence and waits for you with hot food when you return. The timer of the machine allows you to leave up to 12 hours the food in the preparation or to schedule it to be cooked up to 24 hours later, without emotions that you will find it burned or insufficiently cooked. After the cooking is done, the appliance automatically starts the function to keep food warm for up to 24 hours and so you always have food ready to be served.

In addition, Philips Multicooker is designed so that cooked foods retain their taste and aroma because it is equipped with an adjustable pressure control valve and computerized cooking system. Thanks to the 3D heating system and the 2 mm thick vessel, the heat is evenly distributed so that you have excellent tasting food. It has a 5l vessel, which allows you to prepare about 6 medium portions in a single tranche.

This way, you can enjoy your time and a tastier meal with your family!

Easy cooking accessories

Philips Multicooker comes with a special steam cooker, but also with accessories to help you in the kitchen: measuring ingredients, spoons for liquid and solid food and silicone gloves.

You can use the device anywhere due to its size and compact design and you can move it easily using the rotary handle, which does not heat up.

Try the new Philips Multicooker multifunctional cooker and, if it doesn't meet your expectations, you have the money back guarantee in 60 days. We invite you to www.philips.ro/cooker and on Facebook Home with Philips to discover more about Philips Multicooker and to share with us the pleasant moments and family stories of each day.

The price of the new Philips Multicooker HD3037 is 519 lei and will be available in stores at the end of October.