8 things you would like to know about the second child

8 things you would like to know about the second child

When you became pregnant again and gave birth to a second child, you did not think that things would look so different and that you would find everything so new and unexpected. You thought you were used to what it means to care for a newborn, what problems to expect and what are the difficulties you will face. But the surprise, the raising and care of the second child are quite different from the experience you had with the first one. Here are some of the things you would like to know about the arrival of the second child!

Discover that you can be even busier than you were before!

Did you think that now it will be easier, because you have already undergone an experience and you have the necessary training to deal with any problem that comes your way? It is true, you are better prepared and you know more, but you will still have to deal with diapers, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, colic, mildew, illness, exasperating crying, etc.

Even if you treat them with more dexterity and skill, they will be present in your life and will have to be resolved at the same time when you will have to take care of your first born. Taking care of two children requires a great deal of effort. You need to be aware that you will have more responsibilities, less free time and more problems to solve than in your first parenting experience.

Discover that you must "invent" time for all!

Mother with supernatural forces or fantastic woman ?! You certainly have to be one of these two heroines to be able to cope with the busy schedule and the responsibilities that have multiplied with the arrival of the second child in the family.

But with a little tact and a lot of insight, you will be able to integrate all the tasks in the 24 hours that one day has. With an agenda in hand, plan and prioritize everything you have to do, so that you organize yourself every day of the week and set aside time for yourself and your partner or for social life.

Social life will be on the ground!

Did you think you had no friends until now? After the birth of the second child, your social life will experience a significant downfall. Not even time to phone the best friend or relatives you will not have. Your social life will not be affected forever from now on. It all depends on how you manage to organize yourself and how quickly you adapt to the new family context.

Not even your sex life is on the roses!

Specialists have noticed a strange tendency among couples with more children. It seems that in families with at least two children, partners tend to be closer to one another and to be more supportive and understanding of one another.

You may love yourself more, but there is a downside. It is possible that now, having two children in their care, each with their own and different needs, you can no longer find time for sex.

You treat and love your children differently!

Of course, you love both of your children just as much and you don't think of making a difference between them. After the birth of the second child, you may be overwhelmed with strange feelings about each of your two children.

With or without your will, you will feel a different kind of love for each one and treat them differently. In most cases it happens that the new family member is more loved and receives more attention from the parents, and the older one is easily neglected.

Even if you try to treat them both, it is still possible that the way you love them will be different and have your "favorite". Don't blame yourself! There are normal feelings that I can try. It is important that none of the children feel deprived of your affection and love!

You are better prepared and consider yourself a better parent!

When you care for a second child and face all the challenges of raising and caring for both children, you feel stronger and more confident. You feel it is an important victory in the account of your personal achievements and an important test of maturity. Therefore, from the moment you hold your second child in your arms, you will do things completely differently than in the first experience.

You are better prepared to face the difficulties and problems, you know what to expect and why the baby needs it at every age. Things are, at least from this point of view, easier. The way you strengthen the relationship between the two brothers and how you treat them, so as to avoid fraternal rivalry between them, will prove to be the true test that will show you how good a parent you are.

Meet the fraternal rivalry!

With only one child around, things were simple. The toys were his only, he was just walking around you, guy, pulling your skirt and getting all the attention. By the time a new baby appears, the older child may not be very happy to share everything, including your love and attention, with him.

Fraternal rivalry is a feeling of jealousy or envy that naturally occurs between brothers of different ages, when the territory of the older child is invaded by the emergence of a new family member. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the older child in advance for the arrival of the second baby. After the birth of the new family member, make sure that you pay the same attention to both children and involve the older brother in the care of the baby, to get closer to him.

You feel like your family is full and you are more fulfilled!

With good and bad, the experience of being a second mom manages to bring you soul-satisfaction and make you feel more fulfilled as a woman, more so than at the first pregnancy. Specialists have found that only after the second child is born do women feel truly fulfilled and can say that they have a united and whole family.

What changes have you experienced in your life after the second child came into the world? How did you deal with them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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