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Worrying signs in the development of the child

Worrying signs in the development of the child

The worrying signs in the development of the child are difficult to identify by the parents, since all specialists promote the idea that each child develops at his own pace and that there are no ideal ages for learning the essential life skills.

However, there are signs indicating developmental delay. Here are some of the alarm signals that should draw your attention to your child's development!

Baby 0-4 months

From the first day on which the baby comes into the world, the baby begins to adapt to the new living environment and learn skills to help him in this regard. Although it seems fragile and does not seem to do anything but sleep more in the first 4 months, the baby must learn a lot of skills.

The worrying signs at this age, which announce a delay in its development, are mainly related to the development of senses and motor skills:

  • he does not move his eyes at all or he always looks at the cross;
  • do not notice / do not look at their own handcuffs;
  • does not react to noisy stimuli;
  • he doesn't smile at all;
  • it cannot support its head;
  • it does not gang up at all (it does not make any sound);
  • it has no standing force (it does not move too often);
  • do not try to bring objects to the mouth.

Baby 7 months

By the age of 7 months, the baby must have some essential skills in his / her development portfolio. If you fail to catch them at all and do not even seem to try, you should worry and go with him to a check. Among the most important signs of concern, up to 7 months, are:

  • seems rigid (does not move his hands, feet and the rest of the body very much);
  • he cannot support his head; he often "falls" on his back when trying to hold him in a sitting position;
  • He uses his hand more than any other hand in catching objects, bringing them to his mouth, etc.
  • it tears excessively and is sensitive to light;
  • it fails to maintain its balance in the ass, not even if it is sustained;
  • it did not roll at all, nowhere;
  • it still does not make any sound and does not laugh at all.

Baby 1 year

At the age of 1 year, the baby learns a lot of skills and skills that prepare him for a new stage of life - that of a small child. Signs of concern appear only if:

  • it does not stand at all in the ass, it does not cease and does not go by bus;
  • it cannot stand, even if it is supported;
  • doesn't say a word; remains at the stage of bullying or ganguria;
  • toys or objects around do not arouse their interest and do not try to catch them with their hands;
  • does not point to any object or person;
  • he doesn't shake his head when he wants to refuse something.

Child 2 years

In the second year of life, the child learns a lot of new skills, both intellectual, physical, and social or language. Here are some signs announcing something is not right in the baby's development, which should send you to the doctor for a detailed consultation:

  • his vocabulary does not include more than 15 words;
  • it doesn't work or only if it takes a few steps;
  • it does not imitate the sounds or actions of the people around it;
  • fails to follow simple instructions, etc.

Child 3 years

The development of the child knows a rapid ascent up to the age of 3 anisors. With entering preschool, you should be able to have a lot of motor and intellectual skills to help you in kindergarten or other social groups. If you notice that your baby is deficient in certain areas of development, go to the doctor. Here are some worrying signs at this age:

  • he speaks a little and unclear;
  • falls frequently and has difficulty climbing stairs;
  • encounter difficulties in handling objects;
  • fails to erect building blocks with more than 4 cubes;
  • he is not able to hold the pencil in his hand and imitate a circle on the paper;
  • does not understand simple instructions;
  • it is not eager to socialize with other children;
  • avoid eye contact etc.

Do you know any other alarming signs that indicate delays or problems in child development? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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