One thing no parenting article tells you

One thing no parenting article tells you

There are thousands of parenting articles on the internet. Much has been written and debates have been born, currents of opinion which are more varied. You can believe that you find everything you want to find, only to know how to search. It's just not the case. At least one thing no one tells you and it is imperative that you find out.

Being a mother is not an easy task. No matter how many beautiful things are said, discover that you have more to learn. Plus, once you're born, your entire universe changes. You are all day just you and your baby. You feed him, you take care of him and you receive smiles and ganges instead. You have no more social life than one or two hours a day, when you go out with the stroller in the park and meet other moms. And all the discussions are summarized in exchange of information and tips that aim at the same thing: raising the child.

Basically, everything that happens to you gravitates around the little one. Change is radical. There are times when you get to wonder if you are doing what you do well, especially since everything you hear around seems detached from another reality. All the other mothers talk about books, as if their life would be perfect, as if they had studied the mother profession at prestigious universities. You begin to doubt yourself, your abilities. You wonder if you are really a good mother. And you start to search the internet for answers to all your dilemmas. And what do you find? The same things rolled in the same way, written with crafted words, put in other and other contexts.

One thing no one tells you, but we testify to you now: MAKE A WORK AWESOME!

Yes! You are an extraordinary parent! You are doing a fantastic job and you are doing great! It is enough to think that you are always in search of information that will turn you into a perfect mother. It is precisely the fact that you strive for perfection brings you closer to it. Keep it like this! You're on the right track! You just yelled at your kid because he scattered the cereal bag on the floor. Nothing. You don't have to do your conscience processes. You are also a man and it is normal to get upset from time to time.

And what if you raised your child in front of the TV for three hours to have time to wash the dishes and put things in order in the cupboard? Or even just relax by taking a hot bath? You deserve it! Do not suffer anything, because you do not do this daily. Nor should you feel bad that today you left your child for a few hours with your grandmother for you to go shopping, to feel a little taste of freedom. You have this right! You can relax and relax.

Being a mother is not easy!

It's not easy at all! You suddenly woke up with a huge responsibility. Now on your shoulders are the needs of that small, helpless being who doesn't know how to tell you what he needs and what doesn't, what hurts, doesn't like. The child relies on you and will continue to do so, even as he or she grows up. Therefore, you must be strong and trust in yourself. You can do a great job! Remember this!

Don't compare yourself to anyone

Nobody is perfect. Not even all those mothers in the Facebook groups who boast in their mouths that everything comes out as a book. Stay calm, as they often do, but I don't say so. And you have no reason to compare yourself to anyone. They are neither like you nor you. Even parenting articles on specialized sites should not be taken word for word. Because the things said there are not universally valid. In your case, the advice may not work as you say there black on white. You do not have to be a demanding mother just because you have read that it is best. It is right to act as it suits you best.

It is not mandatory to give your child broccoli if you do not like. And you don't have to educate him on ultra-praised systems like the Charlotte Mason or Montessori method. You can teach your child the basics in your own way. You make the choice and it has to fit you as a way of seeing things.

Remember: you do a great job! Your own effort to be a good parent is essential. This is all a child can expect from his or her parent. You do a great job, you are a wonderful mother, and your child is lucky he has you!

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