7 activities to do with your daughter for up to 2 years

7 activities to do with your daughter for up to 2 years

Building a strong relationship between mother and daughter starts from the moment the little one breathes for the first time. With the first shout, with the first touch. You ask for food and love, and just starting from these primary needs creates an intimate, indestructible connection. It must be cultivated in time, and the activities, from the first months of life, ensure the sedimentation of feelings.

The mother and daughter have to form a team from the first moment. And precisely because this connection is created as intimately as possible, we suggest some interesting and fun activities at the same time that you can do together. It is about activities that can be done up to 2 years old, but even after that.

Watch a Disney movie together

The child stays with the hours in front of the TV, while the mother works in the kitchen. It's an image that is most likely known to you. Home affairs often tend to take over, to the detriment of the time spent with the child. Make time to watch at least once a week a children's movie from beginning to end. Together. Your daughter definitely loves Disney movies and will be happy to sit next to her on the carpet or nest on the couch and look at both "Frozen", "Cinderella", "Sofia the First" or "Brave". You can choose one of the productions you used to love when you were little.

He organizes a picnic on the carpet

Inflate a few balloons, place a bright wreath on a wall, spread a blanket and with a few sandwiches and fresh fruit juice you will have the best picnic on the carpet. If the weather is nice, you can even go out in a park, so the picnic is 100% real. Your daughter will be delighted to have all your attention!

Get another manicure

Little girls love to imitate the behavior of the big ones. They like to watch their mothers while they are styling, while they are doing makeup or when they have a manicure. Then, when I put my hand on the pack, try to arrange it too. The result is extremely fun for everyone in the house. Take advantage of this joy and make a change. Get another manicure. It's a good time to talk to her, even if she still can't say much at this age.


Children love music. They like to move on rhythms of any kind. You can play "Musical Statues": give up the music and stop the song after a few seconds. The condition is that when the music stops, you will remain in the position where you were surprised: with your hands up or on one foot or bent to one side. It will be extremely fun for you, but especially for the little one.

Dress her in your clothes

Which girl doesn't love to dress in mother's clothes and shoes? Most of the time she does it in secret, for fear that her mother may not dispute it. Now, however, let him have the freedom to wear what he wants. Help her dress, choose her jewelry, a hat and a purse. Even a pair of heeled shoes. Then organize a photo shoot in which to pose as much as possible. There are pictures that you will look at with pleasure over the years, memories that will never be erased.

Read her books

It may seem strange to read books to a child who still does not understand much and who still does not speak. But it is important to do so. Read her stories. Read her poems. In this way you arouse his curiosity, develop his attention and language. And, more than that, spend together quality time essential for the relationship between you two.


You cannot have the claim from a 2 year old child to cook. It's just a way of saying. But involve her in the process of preparing the cakes. Put a spell on it to make it look like it looks better with you. Then leave only those kitchen utensils that are not dangerous: wooden spoons, plastic bowls. After you knead the dough for donuts, let's say, give them the cake to model. It is a concern with which you will capture their attention for at least an hour. Make fun shapes together, then fry the donuts shaped by it. Let her finally powder them with sugar. The joy will be maximum.

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