No meal without protein!

No meal without protein!

Proteins are necessary, even essential, in the weakening process, because they successfully remove the feeling of hunger. Breakfast, lunch or dinner should include the following foods high in protein: meat, eggs, fish, cheese or yogurt. Milk with a concentration of 2% fat also contains the necessary proteins.

Avoid replacing them with a sweet food; in the next hours you will certainly be hungry. For example, at breakfast, besides bread, you often neglect to eat cheese, yogurt, egg or a piece of meat, but eat candy or candy.

This is a classic and frequent case. Concentrated sugar will quickly remove hunger, but not for long. But if the morning meal consisted of an egg or cheese, you will have energy during the day and will no longer be hungry.

Remember, to lose weight without starving, you have all the interest to consume protein in large quantities.

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