Nourish your body in a healthy way!

Nourish your body in a healthy way!

Our main, primary energy, the one that allows us to move, to learn, the one that helps us grow and that heals us, we obtain it, above all, from food.
Several times a day, our body asks us to feed it. As soon as we lack the necessary dose of energy, the problems begin to appear: we feel weak, inefficient, often we are filled with headaches or diffuse disabilities. Thus, to nourish ourselves healthy means to provide our body with the minimum fuel it needs to function.
Often we do not have breakfast, hurry to start on the road to face the traffic so that we do not delay the job. If we eat, we make it on a corner of the table, while we make or tie our tie, between a mouthful of coffee and a swallow of sweetened cereal over measure. We know from the earliest childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we keep neglecting it. Only when we realize that health is the most important thing in our lives, we will be able to introduce into our diet whole bread, mixed cereals and fruits for breakfast (as with other meals). We need to be prepared to properly manage the room, the refrigerator and control our eating habits. We must become aware that it is necessary to give up other activities when eating and not to rush to a snack working or watching TV.
These bad habits prevent the normal digestion that begins with a good chewing. When we are not paying attention to it, focusing our attention elsewhere or on something other than the meal we are just eating, we are exposed to a number of digestive problems that could be avoided very simply. Meals should be moments of rest and communication. They give us the opportunity to interrupt our activity to regain our strength and to find ourselves and those close to us.
If you stay close to work, why not make a habit of going home to eat? You will enjoy, if you have children, to share unforgettable moments that will influence the morale of the whole family - and morale is an important part of health.
Even if you are extremely busy and the heaps of files (and problems) await you on the desk, this one hour spent among you, in your territory, is a great benefit. Upon return you will be better prepared and more efficient at work. In addition, there are more chances that meals taken at home will be of a better quality than what you would find at the confectionery or snack bar next door. That being said, if you can't afford to go have lunch at home, whatever the reasons, look for healthy eating habits.
If the entourage does not give you the opportunity to choose a "first-hand" restaurant, then bring with you lunch - lunch does not mean only sandwiches! You can change this table infinitely with salads of pasta, rice, vegetables, fruits etc. If you replace the fast food habits at lunch with a healthier eating attitude, you will see that you will have more energy and that you will be less tempted to sleep in the afternoon.
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It feeds you naturally

If eating healthy involves providing your body with a sufficient and regular caloric intake, it also means to nourish yourself naturally. Health is easier with fresh vegetables and fruits than canned vegetables, most often over-salted, and boxed fruits too sweet. In the matter of taste, nature has a net advantage over any industrial process!
When it is not the season of certain fruits or vegetables, the healthiest is to eat frozen vegetables and fruits; they have qualities closer to natural products, as they have not undergone any heat treatment and have kept in them a maximum of vitamins.
Fruits and vegetables, being very rich in vitamins and fiber, should have a much more important place than we usually give them in our diet. Dietitians recommend eating fruits and vegetables five to ten times a day. It is extremely much! - you will say. You can drink fruit and vegetable juice (freshly prepared juices at home give us maximum energy), make soups and salads from vegetables. When we do everything ourselves, we not only have the advantage of always knowing exactly what we eat, but we also retain exclusive control over our food.
Most of the commercial products contain ingredients not recommended for health: sugar, salt, fats and a large number of dyes and additives of all kinds, obtained synthetically. These are the causes of a large number of diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. For example, nitrites from sausages - especially from the famous hot dogs - are recognized as carcinogens.
When we attach great interest to our health, we must reduce the consumption of these processed products as much as possible. Red meat every day at meals is not a good idea ... Eat rather turkey, chicken, eggs, tofu, cheese, vegetables etc.
In general, when we take care to stay as close to nature as possible, we are less likely to make a bad choice; we remove ourselves from everything that is processed, bleached, refined, thus giving us a health part. Let's choose whole rice, not white rice, whole grains, unprocessed, not processed, colored, sweetened and devoid of any (or almost any) nutritional value. The same should happen for flour, pasta and bakery products. Now there is no need to run through the small markets with natural foods to find these healthy products; they have also entered the big food markets.
Can't resist anything that is crunchy, cakes, biscuits, ice cream and carbonated beverages that make your eyes from the bottom of the room or the fridge? Stop buying! Invest the amount (huge, you will see) that you give to these empty calories, which only increase your arteries and waist, in those extraordinary fruits whose pleasure you have refused until now. Buy a good pineapple, a mango, raspberries, cherries…. You will not suffer long, but you will feel as satisfied.
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A varied diet

One of the secrets of healthy eating is the choice of various foods. If all year long we eat only beef and potatoes, we are deprived of a large number of nutrients and vitamins. Instead, if we make a varied menu daily, including all the elements that nature offers us, we will benefit, from each food, a maximum of qualities and properties.
It is equally important to think about including the four major food groups every day - even at every meal. This is the best way to avoid deficiencies, which could turn into real diseases.
People who do not drink enough milk, for example, are exposed to osteoporosis. Since this disease occurs especially in women, they should pay particular attention to calcium intake. If you do not like milk, eat yogurt, cheese, tzatziki, etc., but be careful to choose these products with as little fat. Milk with 3.25% fat is indicated only for babies and pregnant women!
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Control of caloric intake

Being overweight is a kind of "helping hand" extended to the disease, choosing to be healthy means controlling your caloric intake. Everyone has an interest in reaching and maintaining a normal weight.
Studies in small animals have shown that eating with a lower caloric intake helps maintain health and promotes longevity. We cannot say, scientifically speaking, that the same phenomenon would also occur in humans, but there are great chances to win by adopting such a regime.
In ancient times, the Greeks ruled according to these precepts. But what we need to avoid is to be permanently subject to diet: the frequent variation of weight is a health hazard, a greater danger than the excess weight itself.

It is said that those in North America generally eat too much and bad, but it is also valid for Europe ... As proof, how often do we feel bloated or crippled after a meal? How many of us do not have to resort to anti-bloating medicines, antacids or ... their cup of hot water? It is not normal! A light, rational diet brings us more energy, not extreme fatigue. It manages to control cholesterol levels and weight and protects us from a large number of diseases.
Experience reducing your caloric intake gradually. You will be surprised to find the impact of this small change in your habits.
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Benefits of the job

Even if it has disputed challengers, the post it has many followers - especially among the wisest beings on the planet, such as monks. Fasting is a time of rest we offer our body to allow it to detox. It should not therefore be considered as a means to lose weight, but simply a way to purify ourselves. Having a strong regenerative role, the post helps to combat certain illnesses and even certain diseases.
It promotes blood circulation, decreases or makes the symptoms associated with arthritis or rheumatism disappear and allows the liver to recover. Not to mention the peace that the post descends into the soul of those who practice it!
If you are one of those who are afraid of the effects of the job or who are afraid that they will not endure, you know that it is not necessary to start with a ten-day cure. In addition, to embark on such a journey, first make sure you have what you need. Alone, without help and without much trouble, you will be able to hold a day or two job occasionally. Your body and health will benefit from these short detoxifications. Don't forget to drink teas or just more water, so you don't get dehydrated.
To benefit from the effects of the job with less effort, you can also make fruit juice and vegetable cures. This process allows the body to remove the toxins that bother it and to purify itself.
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Live the water!

There will never be enough talk about the importance of water and its contribution to maintaining health. Its absence causes poisoning, internal imbalances and many other health problems. It is not advisable to consume between six and eight glasses of water every day! Our body needs water to be able to function at maximum parameters. Don't expect to ask for a glass of water when you have a dry mouth; you make him suffer unnecessarily and the state of dehydration you are in is already quite advanced.
Make it a habit to drink a glass of water whenever you go to the kitchen or leave a bottle of water handy on the work table and set yourself up to finish it before you finish! The fluids in your body will reach a level conducive to health, you will regularly eliminate toxins and the whole body will feel much better. This will be seen first on your skin, which will shine on your health and on your skin, which will have more suppleness and elasticity.
Water is a small fountain of youth, which we are fortunate to have at hand. Why look at her qualities?

Vitamins and natural supplements

The strong argument of those who are against the use of vitamins and supplements is based on the fact that nature gives us everything we need and that there is no point in snacking on pills to bring to our body what is necessary for its proper functioning.
Valid argument - unless, for various reasons, many people fail to consume what is strictly necessary every day and reach deficiencies that turn, sooner or later, into illness and even illness.
A woman who does not consume enough calcium daily to maintain her healthy bones may be at risk for osteoporosis in the future, but if she compensates for deficiencies with a calcium supplement, she has a high chance of getting rid of such a disease. It is preferable to try to do everything we need to ensure that the diet fully meets our needs, but when we fail we must resort to supplements and vitamins.
Pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, people in convalescence or those who are under severe stress would be better to think about vitamins and dietary supplements; these can be a valuable aid for the unobtrusive crossing of extremely demanding periods for the body. Many people have found that vitamin C taken at the beginning of a cold or flu manages to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the duration of these diseases. Some people even say they have had the flu-like vitamin C when they get it from the first symptoms.
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Reduction of fat absorption

Eating healthy means reducing fat absorption. Are people consuming french fries, fried foods, crispy foods, bread, and bacon several times a week aware of what their body is subject to? Are they aware of the damage these fats do to their body? However, this fat assimilated by the body turns into fat deposits!
It is once advisable to make provisions so that you can go through difficult times; life in general was difficult, houses poorly heated, agricultural work was as demanding, so tiring. The organization and unpredictability of daily life led to enormous energy consumption.
But things have changed; today it is no longer so important to ensure fat reserves. Our sedentary life requires much less physical energy consumption than before, which is why we have to compensate for the effort required by physical exercise.
The fat that is deposited requires a lot of energy and consequently slows down the functioning of our metabolism. When we say slow metabolism, we mean health problems - medium or long term. Thus, to decide to get rid of these extra kilos means to become followers of a healthy life.
Sometimes, a certain social pressure causes us to weaken: beauty criteria are today associated with thin silhouettes, and fat people are victims of all kinds of prejudice and criticism. To some extent this may be a pretext, but others are the real reasons why we should reach the ideal weight. To be honest, when we act only under this social pressure, the results are rarely satisfying or lasting. Because it is not the real reasons that make us act, because we do not do all this for ourselves. It's like when we give up smoking to please the husband or the children; In general, this good decision does not take long. To be lasting, the decision must come from within and be made for itself.
When the habit of eating fat, salt, sweet or bread comes from childhood, when that's all we know, changes are more difficult to make. However, there is not enough reason to continue to feed the rest of our lives the same way ...
At the time, our parents had the excuse that they didn't know how to feed properly - few people knew. The same thing happens with cigarettes. Industrial quantities of cigarettes were smoked, no remorse, no feelings of guilt, because it was not known that they could cause illness or, if some knew, the message did not reach everywhere. Today, not only does science take huge steps, but in addition, every day we are better informed about all this. We now have easy access to both the recent information and the knowledge of the most distant civilization. Everywhere, daily, on television and radio, in newspapers, in magazines and in books, in school and on the Internet, there is constant talk of maintaining health: what is good and what is not good for us, what to do to prevent a certain disease, what food has certain properties or not. Now, we have all the health knowledge at hand: we can no longer ignore them and we can no longer ignore the messages that are addressed to us about the fat we ingest. In order to maintain our health, we must reduce the consumption of saturated fats as much as possible and opt for mono- and polyunsaturated fats.
A healthy and wise fat habit is to replace butter with olive oil. Olive oil is excellent for health; it occupies an important place in the famous Mediterranean regime and the Mediterranean people are very healthy people; I beat longevity records!
We have all the interest to reduce the consumption of red meat in favor of white meat and fish, another extremely healthy food (in fact, fish is also part of the daily menu of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean area). And of the dairy products we should choose the ones with the lowest fat levels.

Sugar on the bank of the accused

If fat has been "incriminated" in recent years, it seems that sugar is in the next place. Careful! Not only the refined sugar from our favorite cakes and candies, but also the one we find in bread, potatoes and pasta, for example.
Ongoing American studies prove that there is a link between this sugar and heart disease and especially cancers. The first results of these in-depth research lead us to believe that sugar would have an influence as great as fat in thickening the vascular walls and, ultimately, in cardiovascular accidents.
In addition, for several years, several specialist studies have reported an increased risk of colon cancer in case of high sugar consumption. Do we need to remember that sugar is the trigger for diabetes, a disease of great magnitude in North America?
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Miraculous foods

Man has always cared for, strengthened and toned his health with everything that made him available to nature: vegetables, fruits, plants, herbs, roots, etc. He ate them, drank them (in the form of juices or teas), introduced them in bath water, etc. They ate raw food, then cooked it and then went back to raw food.
Nowadays, because we have become more concerned than ever about our own health, we dare to trust them again and give them an important place in our diet. As all these products are purely natural, why should we fear them? How could it do any worse than all those chemical drugs that we are suggested to take at the slightest evil we feel?
Of all these natural products that man has used since ancient times, some were highlighted more than others by their extraordinary qualities. We will present, briefly, some of them, indicating their main characteristics.
  • garlic
    Purifies blood and lowers cholesterol levels; helps fight cancer.
  • algae
    Energizes and rejuvenates the body.
  • Clay
    Strengthens the immune system; regenerates tissues.
  • Beet
    Strengthens the bones; helps fight cancer.
  • lemon
    It strengthens, tones, having an astringent role; helps to treat arthritis and rheumatism.
  • cucumber
    It calms and purifies.
  • The milk jug
    It tones, energizes and rejuvenates the tissues.
  • ginseng
    It promotes blood circulation; it also seems to have an effect in the fight against cancer.
  • honey
    It destroys microbes and energizes the body; could help fight cancer.
  • Grape seeds
    It fights edema and high blood pressure.
  • pollen
    Stop decalcifying the bones; is used against atherosclerosis.
  • The Apple
    It provides trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins.
  • soy
    It is used against osteoporosis, cancer; lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Spirulina
    Strengthens the immune system; could help fight cancer.
  • Green tea
    It favors the good functioning of the heart; is an excellent antioxidant.
  • tomatoes
    It fights arthritis, rheumatism and probably cancer.
  • Apple vinegar
    Strengthens the immune system.

    Pleasure in spite of all and above all

    A healthy diet does not mean something sad. Even the most recalcitrant people often end up finding it pleasant, as do those who are spontaneously going to it. So, we must forget this prejudice once and for all and try to make this experience ourselves.
    Never think that you will not be able to implement such a diet. Try to get it gradually, at your own pace. Integrate new foods into your tables; be interested in Asian cuisine (Asians have a habit of eating healthy and tasty at the same time) and vegetarian cuisine. If you are not ready to eat baby food, know that you will find many more appetizing dishes in vegetarian restaurants, which have become more and more numerous. You will find here a variety of ways to nourish yourself healthy, without putting too much effort. Here, desserts are healthy and taste amazing.
    In addition, the supermarket shelves are home to a variety of ready-made vegetarian dishes: we only have to buy and taste them at home! We can "trick" anyone into eating a sauce with spaghetti and tofu; not knowing what is being done, no one would realize "siretlic"!
    That being said, the notion of pleasure is very important in the diet, as it is in the other planes of our lives.
    If you do not find a benefit in this, you will be dissatisfied and you will certainly not be able to reach your goal, to be healthy. At least try to change your habits. If some foods are too difficult for you to give up, keep them, rather than suffer; maybe later you will be able to get rid of them more easily. Do this in stages. Minimize the wrong caloric intake, then make more profitable ones.
    Good luck!
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