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Milk teeth: when they appear and how to relieve pain

Milk teeth: when they appear and how to relieve pain

Toothpaste is a topic that continues to be debated by many moms, who when they see their baby suffering from the pain caused by the first rash, try all sorts of ways to calm their baby. We have found the most suitable and safe way to relieve the discomfort felt by your baby when his milk teeth grow.

At what age do the milk teeth appear

In most babies, the first milk tooth appears around the age of 6 months. Usually, the first ones that appear are the lower teeth, located on the jaw, and then the upper ones, followed by the first jaws (develops at 16 months, with approximation), canines (18-24 months), following the milk tooth to be finalized around the age of 2-3 years, when the last cheeks appear.

There are cases in which the first teeth leave at 2-3 months, but also children who are already celebrating the first year of life and to which no tooth has come out. It is true that tooth eruption is a painful process for the child, and you, as a parent, need to be prepared to soothe the baby's painful gums so that he regains not only his well-being but also his appetite.

Symptoms of tooth eruption

With 3-5 days before the gum bite, a number of symptoms appear, including painful gums, accompanied by lack of appetite, moderate fever and poor mood. Also, the child will salivate abundantly, constantly bringing his hands to his mouth to massage his gums, rubbing his ears and cheeks.

How to relieve pain caused by tooth rash

Fortunately, the pain caused by the rash can be relieved, so that the little one can easily overcome the whole process.

Bickiepegs are the safest way to relieve gingival pain in babies. They are natural, very hard and allow the little boy to massage his inflamed gums alone after the eruption of teeth.

The cookies we recommend are strong, so they cannot be broken or crushed, being very safe! They can be used without problems from 6 months to 3 years. Bickiepegs are a natural alternative to anesthetic effect gels and hard plastic toys for the red, which can hurt the baby's gums.

Bickiepegs biscuits are made from wheat flour and water, without sugar, salt or other additives. The product is unique in the world, the recipe being 100% natural, patented!

The local massage performed with the help of the Bickiepegs biscuits will have the role of relieving the gingival pain and rendering the baby's good mood. They also help the little one to train the muscles needed for chewing and to practice hand-eye coordination. They are also provided with a safety cord, so that the child does not lose them through the crib or the stroller. Biscuits are preferred instead of a toy that may contain impurities or teething rings made of plastic.

With the help of Bickiepegs cookies, your child will no longer suffer from the excruciating pain caused by the rash.

Bickiepegs is an expert in the oral care of infants and children, from 6 months to + 2 years. The factory is based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the company was founded in 1925, when pediatrician Harry Campbell began studies on the proper development of the jaw, the eruption of "milk" teeth, and the alleviation of pain caused by it. More information about Bickiepegs biscuits can be found on

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