Bike Fest 2012 - the biggest event dedicated to cyclists

Bike Fest 2012 - the biggest event dedicated to cyclists

The largest urban cycling event in Romania will take place on September 29 and 30 in the Izvor Park in the Capital. Bike Fest 2012 is an event organized to consolidate the community of cyclists and to promote the bicycle as an alternative means of transport. Thus, within the two days of event will be organized activities with and about bicycles, dedicated to all lovers of this sport.

"In Romania, the cycling community is constantly growing and we can only enjoy this. We decided to organize together with other associations or NGOs an event to address as many cyclists as possible. for children at amateur or female athletes, and thus the idea of ​​Bike Fest was born. We are expecting the biggest number of bike lovers, "said Raluca Fiser, president of the Green Revolution Association.

"It is a great pleasure for us to be together this year with the Green Revolution Association in organizing Bike Fest. The encouraging results of last year have determined us to increase the number of activities, giving all those present the chance to discover new things about the bike. ", said Corina Vasile, Communications and Public Relations Director of Raiffeisen Bank.

Competitions and activities within Bike Fest


Pentathlon is a competition with five events, dedicated to amateur cyclists who want to prove that they are the best urban cyclists. Last year, during the I'Velo Bike Day event, organized by the Green Revolution Association and Raiffeisen Bank, over 600 people from all over the country signed up for the Pentathlon.

World Class Fall Kick Off

World Class Fall Kick Off is a World Class Romania brand event. Last year was held in Herastrau at Roaba de cultura. This year is held at Bike Fest and brings sports lovers four hours of cycling and six hours of intense sports training.

The woman on the bike

The woman on the bike represents a series of activities with and about women brought to the Izvor Park by Skirt Bike: parade on bicycles in the park, the history of the woman on a bicycle and a fair of handmade objects.

Rag fair

For those who want to sell their bike or buy a second hand, for those who want to customize their bike or repair it, for those who are looking for a pair or want to watch movies about the bike, the area rag fair, organized by Mechanical Orange and BitaColor awaits those interested on September 29 and 30 in Izvor.

Area dedicated to children

During the Bike Fest, the ROI Association will organize an area dedicated to children where the little ones will learn traffic rules, draw on the asphalt and give themselves by bicycle or tricycle.

Nikon official photos at Bike Fest 2012

Also, the photography lovers are invited to follow the event's website and the Facebook page, the organizers have prepared a photo contest after which they will decide Nikon official photos at Bike Fest 2012.

Bicycle lovers can also find in the park Izvor, in the two days of event both the x-treme bike area, brought by Freerider, debates and speeches with important people in the field of bicycle organized by Nomad and exhibition with the most important importers or distributors of bicycles.

Stand-up Comedy show and a music concert

Also, on Saturday, September 29th the organizers I prepared one Stand-up Comedy show and a music concert best quality.

More information about the event, regulations, program or registration for competitions can be found on: www.ivelo.ro/bikefest or on the Facebook page: //www.facebook.com/BikeFestRomania.

Bike Fest is an event organized by the Green Revolution Association, with the support of the City Hall of Bucharest, ALPAB, Nomad, Orange Mechanical, BitaColor, Skirt Bike, ROI and Freerider Association.

About Green Revolution

Green Revolution is the first non-governmental organization of urban ecology in Romania that implements the measures underlying the construction of a green city.

Through its projects, Green Revolution promotes and supports ecological education and respect for the environment, selective collection of packaging waste, ecological and economic means of transport and solutions, adopting environmentally responsible behavior among private and state authorities and companies. , protecting and extending the green spaces inside and outside the cities and the healthy & eco lifestyle.

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