Prevention treatment with oscillococinum

Prevention treatment with oscillococinum


- I started over 6 weeks to take preventively me (38 years) and my daughter (7 years) oscilococcinum. How long can we continue preventive treatment? Until spring or should we take a break? If so, how long? From your article I understood that the adults working in the office recommend scheme 2 (only in case of illness). Why? (because for example I use the means of public transport where in this period everyone coughs, sneezes, runs their nose, etc.). Is it not good for the body of those who do not come into contact with many people? Does it have contraindications if used for a long time? Thank you in advance for your answer.


Oscillococcinum has no contraindications even in long-term cures.
It is very effective in prevention, but the disadvantage is the short duration of action: only one week.
That is why it should be taken weekly during the high risk period.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine
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