Vitamins that increase the immunity of children

Vitamins that increase the immunity of children

The resistance of the body to the wave of flu and colds specific to the season depends on the diet you choose and the vitamins you accumulate during this period. From the smallest to the largest member of the family make sure that everyone's diet is free of some of the most important vitamins that increase immunity, especially of the baby!

Vitamin A

Although recognized for its miraculous powers over eyes and eyes in general, vitamin A has implications for cell regeneration and bone growth. It also helps strengthen the immune system by protecting it from viruses and bacteria.

Besides dietary supplements, you can opt for a diet rich in this vitamin:

  • carrot;

  • spinach;

  • you (yellowish);

  • pepper;

  • whole milk;

  • liver;

  • oranges;

  • apricots;

  • peaches.

C vitamin

It is the most important vitamin in terms of increasing the body's resistance to cold season diseases. Whatever you try to give the whole family vitamin C supplements, specialists claim that fruits and vegetables provide besides this vitamin and other nutrients that, assimilated together, provide greater protection of the body against viruses and bacteria. Some of the most important sources are:

  • citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, tangerines, lemon);

  • green vegetables (spinach, green salad, broccoli, cucumbers, etc.);

  • berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.).

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in the body mainly by exposing the body to the sun and is found in very small proportions in few foods. Its main function is to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to help develop the bone. This vitamin should be given in capsule form, since the foods that contain it are very few. These include:

  • fatty fish (salmon and mackerel);

  • vitamin D fortified dairy products;

  • canned tuna in oil;

  • sardines;

  • eggs.

Vitamin E

With a strong antiaging and regenerating effect, vitamin E also has an effect on strengthening immunity to viruses and bacteria. It is essential that the whole family consume foods that contain it:

  • spinach;

  • seeds;

  • vegetable oils;

  • peanuts etc.

Vitamin B6

Besides the energetic role that the anticancer effect has, vitamin B6 can be a reliable ally of the powerful organism, resistant to any attempts of the seasonal affections to attach itself to it. It can be found in:

  • dairy products;

  • egg yolk;

  • vegetables;

  • fruit;

  • honey, molasses, pollen, turkey milk.

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